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Bookmarks in Safari import

  • Jul 12, 2020
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New Browser, new problems: How to import bookmarks in Safari? In this manual you will find two simple ways how you can get your Bookmarks in the Apple Browser.

Bookmarks on the Safari menu, import

Before you can feed it to Safari with the bookmarks from your old browser, you must first export them from there. In Firefox, this is done via the menu function "show all bookmarks - Import and Backup - export bookmarks to HTML". In the case of Google Chrome, you can find the command in the bookmarks Manager under the menu item "Organize". Both of the browsers store bookmarks as an HTML file, with "bookmarks" in the name. You just have to know where you saved it. Work through the following points:
  1. Open the Safari Browser.
  2. Click in the menu bar on "file".
  3. Select "bookmarks import".
  4. Open the folder where you have stored your Bookmarks.
  5. Select the desired HTML file.
Safari: bookmarks import

Bookmarks with Drag&Drop slide in Safari

The simpler solution is that you push in your folder, the URLs are simply in the Browser.
  1. Open in Safari is the bookmarks window.
  2. Then click on your bookmark on the Desktop and drag them into the Browser. You can import either single Bookmarks or whole folders.
These instructions are based on OS X 10.8.2 with Safari-Version 6.0.2. In other System the process is similar.