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Mac: Shortcut for hibernate

  • Aug 13, 2020
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Depending on your Mac or MacBook the Shortcuts, with which you can put your Computer or Display is in the idle state are different. So, you can.

Hibernate via Shortcut on Mac, and MacBook Pro

How to enable hibernate mode on MacBooks and Macs that have an eject button:
  • To make a Mac fully in the idle state, use the key combination "alt" + "cmd" + "Eject".
  • You want to lock only the screen, use the Shortcut "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Eject".

Special case for MacBook Air: enable hibernation with a key combination

Since the MacBook Air has no optical drive, it has button, no Eject. The state of rest you can reach relatively quickly on the Power Button, the screen lock, however. For both of these, but there is also a Shortcut:
  • The rest of the MacBook Air, you start by using the key combination "alt" + "cmd" + "Power" (top right).
  • To lock the screen without having the Notebook close, press "ctrl" + "Shift" + "Power".
The MacBook Air, only the Eject Button, but the Remove button is not missing. How to use this retrofit, see here.