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The best password Manager Apps for iPhone

  • Jun 28, 2020
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With password managers, you need to remember only one Master password for all Accounts. We provide you with the best iPhone Apps.

Seat 5: iPIN - password Manager with the sensor field

"iPin" is because of the unusual dealing with the Master password from the competition: Here, you can swipe across a user-defined path on a sensor field. Only after the third failed attempt to enter the well-known Master password. However, the strange letters are disturbing - and Pay-clutter when Viewing your passwords, as well as the lack of a Generator.
  • Price: 3,59 EUR
  • Password Generator: No
  • Online Backup: No
  • Type of encryption: 256-Bit AES
iPin App

Seat 3: pwSafe - great Features, but unfortunately in English

In the iOS App "pwSafe" there is almost nothing to complain about: Everything Basic is included, and you can make your passwords even encrypted PDFs, in a history check, and with other devices synchronize. Unfortunately, the "pwSafe" is available in English only, which is due to the already not-self-explanatory functions is impractical. Good English skills are mandatory.
  • Price: 2.69 Euros
  • Password Generator: Yes
  • Online Backup: Yes (iCloud, Dropbox)
  • Type Of Encryption: 256-Bit Twofish
Password-Manager-App "pwSafe"

Seat 2: OneKey Pro - password-in comfort thanks to the many templates

In "OneKey Pro" you play your confidential data thanks to the already created templates comfortable one. Links and notes you can back up as easily as Bank data and PINs. With the favorites function allows you to call frequently-used passwords in a flash. By the initially set Master password to access your "OneKey Pro" stored Codes.
  • Price: 4,49 Euro
  • Password Generator: Yes
  • Online Backup: Yes (Dropbox)
  • Type of encryption: 256-Bit AES
"OneKey Pro" for the iPhone

Seat 1: 1Password - Good costs money

Terror you not before the price of the "1Password" back. It is "1Password" to the significantly largest and most sophisticated password Manager App for iPhones. Templates are there in the iOS App, even for passports and driving licences. The operation is due to the German edition and the overview of the language Layouts easily. Also, the Sharing of passwords with their colleagues or family members using the user-groups is possible.
  • Price: 15,99 Euro
  • Password Generator: Yes
  • Online Backup: Yes (iCloud, Dropbox)
  • Type of encryption: 256-Bit AES
iOS-App "1Password" is # 1
(All of the price information and product data in force at the time of testing)
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