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How does iMessage? Simply explained

  • Feb 14, 2020
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You do not want to communicate via SMS or WhatsApp, you can switch to iMessage. How the service works exactly, we show you in this practical tip.

iMessage: How does the news service work?

  • The messages App preinstalled on every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Within the App you will find both your SMS as well as iMessage.
  • In the case of iMessage, your messages will be sent, as is the case with WhatsApp, via the Internet. The big advantage: you do not Should work the Internet, you can send an iMessage via SMS.
  • Select a Chat with a contact that also uses an iOS device. Below in the input field, iMessage is now "". A contact does not have iMessage, it says "SMS message".
  • Visually, you can distinguish the news is good: iMessage messages are always shown in blue, SMS in green.
  • To contact a friend via iMessage, you must have their contact information in the phonebook stored in the memory. You need to have either his phone number or his Apple ID.
So iMessage works

iMessage: How does the activation work?

  1. Open the "settings"App and select more at the bottom of the "news".
  2. Here you can enable the Option to "iMessage" and confirm the operation if necessary.
  3. On request, you can also make here additional settings. iMessage is now activated.
iPhone: iMessage activate
In the next tip we will explain to you once again, where is the difference between iMessage and SMS is.