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Some of the best Hiking Apps for the iPhone

  • Jul 04, 2020
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Who wanders, to be as easily on the go. Thanks to the best Hiking Apps on your iPhone will save you a lot of equipment - and Frustration, because they will not be lost even without network coverage! Depending on your taste you can track your Hiking trails through 3D-mountain landscapes, with many of the statistics or the prior meticulous planning.

1. Hiking App for your iPhone: MotionX GPS - Navigation

  • "MotionX GPS" is with many important functions, but a relatively low price from the date of testing, 1.79 Euro a Must-Have for statistics, those interested in the Sport hikers.
  • The iOS App already has operations won a number of awards from trade magazines for Outdoor sports and is not only suitable for Hiking tours but also other Outdoor.
  • You can have your average speed and the already traveled speed and the gradient is always in the iPhone view. There are many Maps and routes-tips for a cost-free Download, you can make perfect use of offline and on-the-go.
  • "MotionX GPS" is also in the grounds away from known routes and trails heavily, if other Apps will quickly lose the orientation.
  • Also with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you are connected directly into the App if desired, and can snap your photos directly in "MotionX" and geotagged.
  • For orientation and measure, there is an interactive stopwatch and real-time Navigation with a compass.
  • An impressively three-dimensional the iOS Alternative is Maps 3D - GPS Tracks for bike, hike, Ski & Outdoor: a very chic GPS Tracking program that at the time of testing 4,49 euros. Especially if you are Hiking through the mountains, makes this investment quickly paid off, as they track their way into impressive 3D maps that you can even advance download. You can get a realistic impression of gradients, and you can zoom the map and rotate, as well as altitude, route planner and waypoints to use.
Cool iPhone Hiking-App: "MotionX"

2. Hiking App for your iPhone: wetter.com - the weather App

  • The website wetter.com with its eponymous iOS App "wetter.com" the iPhone captured.
  • So you can get a rain radar for Germany and Spain, which of course is important for the Hiking planning.
  • For the Pro Version you are currently paying 1.79 Euro and the weather Outlook for the next ten days in advance - no guarantee of course.

3. Hiking App for your iPhone: Survival Guide - Survival

  • The free "Survival Guide" gives you valuable tips, such as in Outdoor-hazards-situations, the behavior should be.
  • The findings of the iOS App are based on recommendations of the U.S. military for Trips in the outdoors and are only available in English.
  • For this, you will be shown how to build emergency shelter and plants as a food able to survive if you should walk in spite of Navi-App from the right of way agreement - and in spite of weather App in a storm.
Survival Guide as an iOS App

4. Hiking App for your iPhone: First aid DRC - the SOS App

  • "First aid in the DRC" is the official iOS App of the German Red cross.
  • Should you or a fellow hikers happen along the way - what of course is not to hope! - are you well prepared for emergencies and able to make important Instant auxiliary action. And also, if your last first aid course was long.
  • The iPhone App guides you with Yes and no questions interactively through emergency situations with voice, Text and picture instructions. It currently costs 79 cents, can save in an extreme case, even a life.
By GPS, the battery of your iPhone can be used up quickly. Therefore, the General tip, for longer trips, and a Solar charger to buy. Tips you will find in the next CHIP practice tip. Also read here ideas to the battery of your iPhone through turning Off some Features to conserve.


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