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The 4 best Flipboard Alternatives

  • Jul 09, 2020
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You will find in this practical tip the best Alternative to the RSS Reader Flipboard, the iOS operating system available.

Reeder 2: Popular RSS Reader

"Reeder 2" is one of the most popular RSS Reader, if there is an App for iPhone goes. You have the "Reeder 2" in the following ways:
  • The RSS Reader provides a variety of functions. So you can save Links, save images, or posts in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. A special Highlight is that you can save with the "Reeder 2" desired text and then read it offline. This is especially helpful if you want to keep your data usage on your Smartphone low, or abroad with the phone on the go.
  • Since the "Reeder 2" combines many convenient functions, is not suitable to the RSS Reader only for individuals, but also for the professional life. Especially when (business)pending travel abroad, is "Reeder 2" as a meaningful support.
  • You receive the "Reeder 2" on iTunes for a price of 4.49€.
Flipboard-Alternative: Reeder 2

Feedly Reader: stylish magazine view

"Feedly Reader" makes Flipboard a real competition, because the Design is also such as in a magazine built. You will also receive with the RSS-Reader the following functions:
  • First of all, Feedly Reader "forms" from the individual Feeds, for a clear view. With a click on a certain article or text, you can open, view and read. You can go also to the home page, on the article published has been. If you are one of the texts suit you, you can share it with your friends. In addition, you can also book some of the articles and Feeds for later.
  • Also in this App in private and business use alike. You should go to "Feedly Reader", if you want a simple Design and a lot of value on the style place.
  • "Feedly Reader" test can not hurt, because the App is free.
Flipboard-Alternative: Feedly

Spout: animations, as far as the eye can see

"Spout" of the issues than a real Innovation, because here, with numerous animations worked. Also, you have the following options:
  • The difference between other RSS readers, and "Spout" is, that here are the Posts from the social networks and news are gradually broken down. This means that these one after the other, you can see on the screen - word-by-word in full-screen mode. The Themes can change and customize, so that you will receive a personal Overview of the latest entries.
  • As in the case of "Spout" a lot of things about animation is running and the messages and Posts individually retract, this App, despite the beautiful Designs for leisure rather. To read the entire article in this way, offers not.
  • The iPhone App is available for a price of 1,79 euros.
Flipboard-Alternative: Spout

Mr. Reader: A German Flipboard Alternative

"Mr. Reader" is a Flipboard Alternative from a German development. You will enjoy the following features:
  • "Mr. Reader" allows for different settings in the Feeds, so that they can be sorted chronologically. In addition, they have different Themes and Sounds that you can customize individually. Furthermore, the articles can be browse and you can also read certain texts offline. You have read Feeds, you can mark it as such and hide them in this way.
  • The App offers a good mix of the features of social networks, and news Feeds, which is why "Mr. Reader" is suitable for private as well as professional life.
  • You get "Mr. Reader" for a price of 3.59 Euro.
Flipboard-An Alternative To Mr. Reader

Conclusion: The right RSS Reader to find

If you are in search of a suitable Flipboard Alternative, then you should take a look at the features of the RSS Reader in more detail. "Reeder 2" offers, especially for people who are often abroad and article offline to read. "Feedly Reader" is, however, recommended for all, the much value on the Design. "Spout" is not to be used infrequently because of the numerous animations in the claim. "Mr. Reader" proves to be a solid App.
If you are still looking for the right RSS Feeds for your iPhone, then see our practice tip of the best RSS Feeds to.