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Pokemon Go: Pokebälle get and use - so it goes

  • Oct 18, 2020
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Without Pokebälle you are not making progress in the Smartphone Game Pokemon GO. You need namely mandatory to catch Pokemon, which you later can fight. What Pokebälle there are and how you can get this reveals our practical tip.

Pokemon GO: This four-Pokebälle there are

In other Pokemon editions over ten different types of Pokebällen existed in part. In Pokemon GO Nintendo has, however, limited again to the basic four-Pokebälle, which already existed in the first versions of the game. The Pokebälle differ mainly in the catch rate and the date from when you can use:
  • Pokeball: normal, red Pokebälle you get in the game. The catch rate is not bad, as soon as the wild Pokemon are stronger, you will find this hardly a Chance.
  • Superball: the second stage of The Pokebälle are balls, the blue Super. This disconnect with the Trainer-Level 12. The super balls are much more effective than Pokebälle. Therefore, you should use them especially in the case of stronger Pokemon that when you Catch an orange or red circle and a lot of match points.
  • Hyper ball: The Hyper-balls you can use at Level 20. The catch rate is best here. That is to say: Strong Pokemon you catch with these balls, most likely.
  • Master ball: The last type of Pokebällen has a probability of a 100-percent Catch. Currently, you can use the Ball but do not get, as we are in a special article to explain. If, and when, is usually integrated ball into the game, is currently still unclear.
Pokebälle in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO: Here you will find Pokebälle

Once you have reached the appropriate Trainer Level, you will receive all of the Pokebälle in various Ways:
  • PokeStops visit: On the map you will see everywhere and blue holograms in the Form of Pokeballs. You run to this Position, you will find there a Pokestop. Here you can get free Items such as Pokebälle, super balls or Hyper balls.
  • Arenas, visit: Also in arenas you can get Items in which you rotate the top. To do this, select a Arena, and tap the bottom right of the round Icon. Then you get to the rotating top of the Arena, when you get every few minutes Items.
  • Trainer levels: each Level up of your Coach, you will receive various Items, including Pokebälle. The same applies for completed goals and challenges.
  • Micro-transactions: you can also buy with real money Pokebälle. The prices vary between a few Cents up to around 10 euros.
Pokemon GO: Pokebälle buy

Pokebälle in Pokemon GO - so it goes

The best Pokebälle not bring anything, if you use them. Therefore, we give you here some tips on how you can start with the collected balls to a lot of Pokemon.
  1. Once a Pokemon appears on the map, tap it to switch to fishing mode.
  2. You will automatically have equipped a Pokeball. On the bag Icon in the bottom corner you can switch to another Ball.
  3. Swipe the screen upwards to throw the Pokeball. You have hit the Pokemon, you only need a bit of luck.
  4. It should jump out of the Pokeball, repeat the procedure a number of times until you have caught the Pokemon final.

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Pokemon go pokebaelle and use how to get
What are the codes when you Catch in Pokemon GO mean, exactly, tell, we are on the next page.