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Pokemon GO: mostly ball get - how to

  • Nov 21, 2020
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In the older pokemon versions, you were able to catch with the master ball in each pokemon for sure. Of how and from when the Pokémon GO, we clarify in this article.

Master balls in pokemon GO get

In Pokémon GO, there's rumored to be a total of four types of Pokébällen: normal poké balls, super balls, Hyper balls and a master ball. While the first three, the catch probability is always better to be master of the ball, each throw is a catch.
  • Previously, many rumors that you get the master ball as a one-time reward for Reaching Trainer Level 30 and a couple of on the Internet. This was, however, disproved, as the first players of the said Level is reached and no master ball has gotten. The same is true for Level 40, the highest Level is.
  • Thus, the master ball is obtained in the normal way in the game and for the players is practically not available. It is not excluded, however, that these balls are only distributed to special pokemon Events, Nintendo, or the developer may submit an Update.
  • As soon as more is known about the master ball in pokemon GO are known, we will inform you on this page.
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Master balls in pokemon GO
Like the other three poké balls in Pokémon GO get, we can tell that in another article.