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Huawei P8 vs iPhone 6 - Smartphones comparison

  • May 25, 2020
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iPhone 6 vs Huawei P8 while the Apple Smartphone is all the rage, fights, Huawei is still to win the favor of new customers. Whether this is done with the P8, is shown in this Detail comparison.

Huawei P8 vs iPhone 6: The outer differences

Already at first glance, show great Similarities between the Huawei P8 , and the iPhone 6: make Both Smartphones to be put on a chic aluminium case and a large Display. In the rest of the data show considerable differences but.
  • Size: The Huawei P8, with its 5.2-inch Display is one of the largest Smartphones on the market. The overall dimensions are 144,9 x 71.8 x 6.4 mm and weight of 144 grams. The iPhone 6 is slightly smaller. The dimensions of 138,1 x 67 x 6.9 mm, the screen diagonal of 4.7 inches and the weight is 129 grams.
  • Display: the larger display, Huawei relies on a razor-sharp Full-HD resolution. This corresponds to a pixel density of 425 dpi. Here, Apple can't keep up. The resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels and a density of 326 ppi is good, but not outstanding. The brightness of the iPhone display is much higher than that of the Huawei device.
  • Camera: those Who want to take pictures with his Smartphone a lot, you find the Huawei P8 all the Important things. The Back camera triggers with 13 megapixels and the Front camera with 8 mega pixels. The iPhone 6, in contrast, is only 8 megapixels and 1.2 megapixels.
Huawei P8 in the Test

iPhone 6 vs Huawei P8: Hardware duel

  • Performance: The iPhone 6, Apple uses the in-house Apple A8 dual-core and 32-Bit architecture. In addition to the 1 GByte of memory. Compared to the Huawei P8 this equipment sounds very mau. Here you will find the 8-core CPU, Hisilicon Kirin 930 and 3 GB of RAM. In the Test, the iPhone showed a slightly better Performance and ease of use. However, this is not the last in the great Interplay of the Hardware and the iOS System.
  • System: the Case of Huawei, the Interaction of the Hardware and the operating system works not so perfect. However, Android 5.0 is running with the in-house interface EMUI 3.1 fast and convincing. The iPhone 6 the current iOS 9 also makes a great figure. Which of the systems better fits, reveals our Test.
  • Facilities: among the facilities of the highlights of the iPhone 6 LTE, Wi-Fi ac and NFC. Also in the case of Huawei, you can surf the web thanks to LTE everywhere. The Wi-Fi of the latest ac Standard is missing, however. For this you will receive, in addition to NFC, a Dual-SIM function. Thus, the Smartphone also acts as a Private and business mobile phone use.
  • Memory: The iPhone 6 is available with either 16, 64 or 128 GByte. The Huawei P8, there is only 16 or 64 GB of storage space. It may be with a microSD card expands.
  • Battery: The battery performance of both Smartphones is just above the average, but not outstanding. The Huawei P8 only provides a talk time of 8:21 hours and an Online run time of 6:16 hours. The iPhone 6 Test after 5 hours 57 minutes of the conclusion is when you are already on the Phone after 5:31 hours, and in the Online. The Apple is charged-Phone is significantly faster.
iPhone 6 in the Spotlight

Apple vs Huawei: The conclusion

Both the iPhone 6 and the Huawei P8 is powerful smart phones that run the latest Apps and Games without any problems. When purchasing you can teach so, according to your preferences and the price:
  • If you shoot a lot and on a SD-card dependent, you should pick up the Huawei P8. Fans of the user friendly iOS system, on the other hand the iPhone is better. The latter is also recommended if you have other Apple devices like an iPad or an iMac. Thanks to the great synchronization, you can network these models, namely perfect with each other.
  • This sophisticated System is Apple, however, pay dearly. For the iPhone 6 with 16 Gbytes of storage space you will pay around 570 Euro. For 64 GB will be about 650 Euro , and for 64 GB is approximately EUR 720 due
  • The Huawei P8 with 16 GB will get you on the other hand, for around 340 euros. For the model with 64 GB will be around 500 Euro is due.
Even more than the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus. Which of the two Smartphones you should buy, tells you our buying advice.