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Fonic-Internet does not work: to resolve the problems

  • May 25, 2020
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You use your Smartphone a SIM card of Fonic, and your Internet is not working can be the cause of the problem, either by the provider itself or on your mobile device. How to fix the problem with the connection, and again in the Internet, we show you in this practical tip.

Internet does not work at Fonic

The most common connection issues Fonic, for example, if maintenance are scheduled.
  • On the website of the "allest√∂rungen.de" you can see if there is currently problems with Fonic exist.
  • Multiple User interference is specified, it is likely that you are currently affected.
  • Would you like more information, you will receive this via the free Hotline of Fonic.
Internet disorders in Fonic

No Internet with Fonic on the Smartphone or Tablet

Fonic uses the network of O2. A wrong configuration of your device may result in that you cannot establish a connection to the Internet more.
  1. You can go under Android to "menu" and from here, continue in the "settings".
  2. Under the tab "network connections" click on "More settings".
  3. You move from here to the Option "Mobile networks".
  4. If you now select the item "network operators", your Smartphone searches for available mobile providers.
  5. Here you can select "O2 - de".
  6. Thereafter, the new Internet will be taken over settings. In the previous menu item "Mobile networks" you can check this under "access points".
Connection problems with Fonic-SIM fix
This tip applies to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha with Android 5. With other Smartphones, deviations can occur. Which provider is in our network test, convince, could, read in the next article.