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With Google Maps creating your own maps: how to

  • Jan 17, 2021
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With Google Maps you can not only use the world-wide map material, but also create your own maps. As simple as that, we will show you in this practical tip.

Google Maps - make your own maps

With Google Maps, you not only create a very quick and free as many custom cards as you want. A prerequisite for this, only a Google account. You have no such, here is how you create a Google account.

  1. Go to Google Maps in the Browser of your computer on, then you will see on the left of the top three lines, with which you open the menu. First choose "My places".
  2. In the following menu, click on the tab "maps". At the very bottom you will see the Link "create map", you can open a map in a new Tab. Google calls this the "Unknown card".
  3. Click on the name, you can assign a name of your own and "Save" to confirm.
  4. In the "search" field, enter the location for which you want to create a map. Google will search for that place and opens a map of the area.
  5. On your created your own Google map, you are now with the help of the various icons, markers or draw lines and routes.
  6. By Adding multiple levels, separate in the case of a travel planning, for example, the Restaurants, the buses and General public transport. So you can keep track of, and navigate, depending on the need between the individual levels-and-forth.
  7. With a click on "Share" next to the people icon, you can share your map with friends. To do this, enter in the window that opens, only the E-Mail addresses of the corresponding persons.
  8. Also with regard to the appearance of your map, you have several options available. Click at the bottom of the box with the card description on the "base map", it opens a selection of different views, including, for example, in the satellite view.
With Google Maps you can create your own maps and plan your perfect trip.
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As in Google Maps attractions show, we will show in our next practice tip.