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GMX: Email-forwarding's set up - so gehts'

  • Nov 07, 2019
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E-mail redirection is set up at GMX fairly quickly. In this article we will show you the individual steps.

GMX is a mail redirection set up

  1. First of all, click on "settings". The Option can be found on the left hand side at the very bottom.
  2. In the "settings" in the "folder" and click the "filter rules".
  3. Then select "set up a New filter rule from" and activate the Option "All new mail". Only Mails from a particular sender are to be forwarded, use the "Mails with a certain sender or recipient".
  4. After you have clicked on "more", enable the Option "copy to another address forwarding" and type in the desired Email address for the redirection.
  5. Finally, you decide whether you want to keep a copy of the Mails in your GMX account, click for the last Time on "next" and give a redirection to the circuit with a suitable name.
  6. By clicking on "save Filter", select your Email forwarding in the Mail-Provider.
Email Unleitung at GMX
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