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I'm part of a botnet - so you'll find out!

  • Aug 06, 2020
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Entitled to ask how many users: Am I part of a botnet? In Germany more than 500,000 computers belong to Botnets. What is really hidden behind it, and how to perform a self-test, we will explain in this practical tip.

What is a botnet and how do I know if I'm part of it?

  • Botnets consist of a network of numerous computers. These PCs are then referred to as Bots. A Computer becomes infected with an appropriate Virus, he or she becomes part of the botnet. The user gets mostly nothing.
  • The owner or the Creator of the botnet can use the single Computer then by he spies on you or by you to cyber attacks to perform.
  • Most of the Bots are caught via infected E-Mail attachments. Such, once opened, has taken root in the Bot within seconds, in the System. Also, Key-generators, which are needed for illegally downloaded games are infested often.
  • A sign that you are part of a botnet, is a slowed-down Internet connection, and a continuously under-utilized PC. Unfortunately, there is no clear sign of a botnet, you can easily recognize. The above-mentioned effects can also point to other viruses and pests.
  • In addition, many botnets are not constantly active. Often the Bot waits for commands from its owner, or certain actions of the user. Some of the botnets are only active when a specific site is opened - for example, those that target Online Banking information. Before the malware for the layman is as good as not visible.
  • As I'm sure you can go that you are not a part of a botnet or, in the case of an emergency out of him can escape, read in the next paragraph.

Botnet Check

Anti-virus programs can detect, in some cases, the 'polluter pays', which has funneled your PC into the botnet, and remove. Since some Anti-virus Software also scans the Internet traffic, one can notice the participation in the current operation and the Problem can be fixed. Just inactive botnets, but cause no traffic and thus discover much harder to.
  • First, perform a full Scan of your computer with your already installed Anti-virus program. In addition, we recommend a full Scan with the free Tool Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  • For beginners, the are also all sorts of measures. Well before the Botnets are protected by keeping your System always up to date and use an Anti-virus program. You should also act in the Internet especially careful not to dubious web sites.
  • Advanced users can look in the task Manager after new or strange services and startup entries. You will find such an entry, you can delete it. You make the but only if you are comfortable and sure that it is System services.
  • Your System is already part of a botnet and your Anti-virus program for a pest, you can still be sure that it's not still a Bot on your PC is dormant. Definitely get rid of set up the malware only if the System is not new.
  • Conclusion: you Are not a Computer professional, you come to a botnet very difficult to be on the ropes. Therefore, take all necessary safety measures to not get infected: to Keep your System and your Anti-virus program up to date, avoid dubious websites and do not open any programs or files from unknown sources.