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Google Ranking - best SEO tips

  • Jul 15, 2020
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If you want to improve the Google Ranking of his website, you must optimize them for search engines. We will show you the best SEO tips, and as you ascend on Google.

Keywords place properly

If you want to land your page at the very front, it is not enough to place the Keywords at random. You put your Keyword in the right Places, so that the Google Crawler will recognize their relevance.
  • You place the Keyword of your home page in the Domain, you will improve your Google Ranking significantly. Your site about automotive industry, it's worth it, also the Keyword "automobile industry" in the address to install.
  • Use Headings for the grouping. Per page, you should use exactly a Headline - and there, the Keyword place. We stay with the aforementioned example, to read your Heading on the home page, for example, "automotive industry in Germany.
  • Are you putting all of the Keywords in the first sentence of a page. In the rest of the Text, you should have a Keyword density of about two percent - in 500 words so ten Times.
  • You can integrate your Keywords in the Meta description of a page. The does not appear on the Homepage, but in the Google search results and pushes your page to the top.
Keywords place

SEO tips: Link Building

For the Google search engine links belong to one of the three most important evaluation criteria. Fill your Website with enough Links in Text and images
  • You link from your site to quality article. You build but don't use Keywords in links when you refer to the competition. Otherwise, you optimize the Google Ranking of the competition and give yourself a disadvantage.
  • They entertain both Dofollow as well as Nofollow Links. You [ rel="nofollow write" ] in the search engine irrelevant Tags (e.g. for internal pressure the view). Thus, less data is caused to traffic.
  • Be careful not to link to one of the 3P (pills, Porn, Poker) pages. This is chalked out your link profile in a negative face. Just as you should take care to place new Links on a regular basis, since continuity for Google plays a big role.
  • You can use the alt-attributes of images. You place an alt attribute by the source code to alt="" complement. A corresponding image code would be for example:

Link Building: Backlinks

Equally important Backlinks are. These are Links on other websites to your reference. The more different Domains on a website link and the more different Backlinks to get a website, the more popular it is.
  • How do I get a Backlink? There are all sorts of possibilities. You write, for example, guest posts on other sites, especially in Blogs and forums. Here you can put a Link to your Website.
  • Send them press releases, or your product or your Service from an external page test. In order to reach more presence in the media, a link Back to your Homepage.
  • You will operate a link exchange with other sites. Pay attention to the fact that your Partner also have a decent link profile. Since Google considers reciprocal Linking as unnatural, it is advisable to an ABC connection. It is a construct made up of at least 3 sites, the above work around.
  • Share your Content on social networks. Postings on Facebook, Twitter and Co are in the ideal area for Backlinks.

Google Ranking improve: one page, One Keyword

The most common mistake made by website operators, under one and the same address common to use the same Keyword. Google lists in its search results individual pages, the entire address. So you have a website with 5 different pages, compete on these sites with each other. To take advantage of this competition, follow these points:
  • You can use each Keyword only once. You are running a Portal on the topic of automotive industry, you should fill only the home page with the Keyword "automotive industry".
  • Use them for posts or pages that treat the same topic, yet a different but matching Keyword. You run a Blog, for example, a News, you should assign each post a private Keyword.
  • If you use a Keyword multiple times, lands on your page, under circumstances several times in Google on the first page. This brings them but little, since the search would have found you anyway.
Keyword used multiple times

More Tags insert

Google punishes websites if the Keyword density is too high. In a Blog, it happens quickly, that Keyword ends up very often on the overview page. To prevent this, you should place "More Tags"-these are breaks that hide your items up to a short bias. Instead, Link your visitors use to get to the article appears to be a "read more" -.
  • If you use Wordpress or another Content Management System, you can find More Tags as a Button in the text editor.
  • You should not use any CMS, you need to cut on the overview page of your blog to the post and manually, a a "read more"Link that directs your visitors to the full Text.
More-place Tags

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