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Free eBooks: sites for Free books

  • Aug 09, 2020
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For eBooks, you don't have to pay necessarily a lot of money - even on free sites you can easily access to digital books. We will show you on which pages the Browse worthwhile.

Free eBooks on ebook.de

The website ebook.de offers some free eBooks for you to Download. Including fairy tales and legends.
  • Currently you can have about 200 eBooks for free download.
  • The majority of the site provides you with the classics, fairy tales and legends as a Free Download, such as, for example, "treasure island" or "Sherlock Holmes".
  • Conclusion: Ebook.de is clear, and you need have no fear of hidden costs built in.
Free eBooks to download (Screenshot: eBook)

Free eBooks on Google Play

Also the Play Store from Google has some eBooks in the offer.
  • So there's a separate section for the Top 25 free eBooks on Google Play.
  • But you can also search on the search bar to search for free eBooks. Over the star Rating you have, as the title of the other readers like it.
  • Conclusion: Large selection of new German-language eBooks across all Genres.
Free eBooks on Google Play (Screenshot: Google Play)

Beam-ebooks.de with numerous Free eBooks

On beam-ebooks.de you will find novels from unknown authors for free Download.
  • You can choose from over 700 eBooks to choose and download as PDF.
  • Beam-ebook.de offers a lot of novels. But also non-fiction books on various topics, such as, for example, the hedgehog care.
  • Conclusion: Although beam-ebook.de is not very clear, this is the website of one of the largest free eBook to offers and the no cost case.
Large selection of free eBooks (Screenshot: Beam-eBooks)

Free eBooks at Amazon

Also, Amazon offers you a wide range of free eBooks. Especially classical works you can find as a Free Book on Amazon:
  • Amazon has a large range of free eBooks, both in German, as in English.
  • Especially classic works you can download for free. The offer of Shakespeare is enough's a Midsummer night's dream to Hobbes' Leviathan.
  • Conclusion: The Kindle Store at the the eBooks is download similar to the Amazon Shop. Fear of costs you don't have to.
eBooks at Amazon (Screenshot: Amazon)

Project Gutenberg - book classics download free

  • Without logging in, you will also find on the website Project Gutenberg , many of the classic books from drama to nonfiction.
  • Many of the works are in English, but also some German titles are to be found here.
Free eBooks at Project Gutenberg (Screenshot: Project Gutenberg)
Tip: Stiftung Warentest has tested the largest eBook stores. Should you so, once a Bestseller want to buy, take a look at the book store Test.