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Google Drive: storage space - so it goes

  • Nov 13, 2019
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Google Drive provides free 15 GB of space available. Can extend it by purchasing additional storage space. How this works, you will learn in this practical tip.

More storage space in Google Drive

In contrast to the competitor Dropbox offers Google not a System that you free memory by different actions such as referring new members can earn (more tips on this read here). This is the Start capacity of the Google Drive Cloud with all the 15 Gigabyte is significantly higher. The space will be used at the same time for Google Drive, G-Mail and Google+ photos.

Storage buy space on Google Drive to

Nevertheless, it is possible to buy for a monthly fee, additional storage space. The subscription is then paid each month in advance and is cancellable at any time. The price list is currently as follows designed:
  • 15 GB - free
  • 100 GB - $ 4.99 a month
  • 200 GB - as low as$ 9.99 a month
  • 400 GB - 19,99$ monthly
  • 1 TB - 49,99$ monthly
  • 2 TB - 99,99$ on a monthly basis
  • 4 TB - 199,99$ on a monthly basis
  • 8 TB - 399,99$ monthly
  • 16 TB - 799,99$ monthly
  • All prices are indicated without taxes, so that the final amount depending on the country, a little bit higher.

So you can buy additional storage at Google

  • To do so, go to the Google page,"Drive-space". Log in, if you haven't already, with your Google account.
  • You will see it on this page in your current Cloud storage space and how much of it is used.
  • On the right, the available subscriptions are listed. If you have decided for one of them, go to "Select".
  • Confirm with "Pay". You will then be redirected to Google Wallet, where you can choose payment method.
  • For the Google Drive subscription is only a payment by credit card is possible. Select a previously linked credit card or add new, and then click "Buy".
Subscription in Google Drive
If you want to get in other ways more Cloud storage, you can also bundle multiple services together. How this works, you will learn in this practical tip.