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XBOX Music and Spotify comparison

  • Nov 13, 2019
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Xbox Music and Spotify are one of the largest Streaming music services, which are becoming more and more popular, because they involve a huge music collection. Here you can read all the important information about the two music services.

Xbox Music with 30 million tracks, and Smart DJ function

Xbox Music Streaming service from Microsoft. Over 30 million Songs are available and you can stream the 70,000 music videos on the Xbox 360. You need to buy the Xbox Music Pass to access the large music and video offering access.
  • The Xbox Music Pass will cost you in the month of 9,99 Euro. To ensure you hear your music not only on PC but also on Tablets and Smartphones. Before you can test the offer for 30 days free of charge. You don't cancel in the trial month, the subscription will continue to run for a fee. You can pay via PayPal or credit card.
  • You enjoy music not only online but also on your Smartphone and Tablet. Here there are some differences: On Windows 8 laptops, Surface and Windows Phone 8, Xbox is integrated into the music festival. You can create playlists or save pre-made music collections on specific topics, such as "Hits of the 80s". The music you can listen in Offline mode. This protects your data volume. There is also an App for iOSand Andoid devices. Here the music can be heard in the title offline.
  • Another advantage of Xbox Music, the so-called "Smart DJ". This feature playlists created for you based on albums or Songs from your music collection. Also Smart DJ helps you to find interesting music from other artists that have the same style of music.
Xbox Music (Photo: Microsoft)

Spotify works on all Smartphones and Tablets in Offline mode

Spotify is since 2006 in Stockholm developed and went in 2008 for the first Time at the Start. Overall, you can access 20 million Songs. You can listen to Spotify music online for free, but you must also accept advertising here.
  • The complete music collection from Spotify enables you to listen without ads, if you pay in a month for 9,99 Euro. You can try Spotify for 30 days for free. If you do not cancel, continue running your subscription fee. You can pay here with credit card, PayPal or Klarna.
  • A Spotify App you can find in any App Store, whether Google Play store, iTunes Store, Windows Store or the AppStore of Blackberry. So, you can access any Device on your Playlists and large music collection. Just like with Xbox Music, your playback lists in a so-called Cloud, so you always have your playlists up to date.
  • Spotify is also available for your Mac. The Download you will find here.
Spotify App (photo: iTunes Store)

Which music Streaming service is better?

It all depends on which devices you want to listen to music. Xbox Music is ideal if you have a Windows Phone and also on the Surface, Windows 8 Computer, or Mac devices music you want to hear. Xbox Music is a great advantage: access to 30 million Songs, and the Smart DJ with Spotify, you have to make do with 20 million Hits satisfied. The period of notice of one month, allows you to switch spontaneously from one to the other Streaming service. You want to hear, but especially to music online through the Browser, you need to use Spotify.
As in Spotify, find friends, read in this practical tip.