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Foundation test: Poor grades for eBook stores were

  • Sep 23, 2020
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Ten eBook-shop tested by the Stiftung Warentest in November 2013, including the big Book-Stores of Apple and market leader Amazon. In the race for place 1, both place had to be deer but there are two smaller suppliers beat. We call it the test winner.

Stiftung Warentest verdict: "Satisfactory" to "poor"

Straight to the point: to go On the eBook bargain hunting, not worth it - because here, too, the "book price" of the publishing houses is. In General, eBooks are about 10 to 20 percent cheaper than their hardcover versions. In the major eBook stores-comparison test, a rating of the Stiftung Warentest therefore, the size of the range, device compatibility, as well as payment possibilities, and privacy/terms and conditions.
  • In the Ranking of the ten tested eBook providers share buecher.de and eBook.de the first place - however, with a mediocre "Satisfactory".
  • Competitor Amazon landed with his Kindle Store is only in sixth place, closely followed by Apple's iBookstore.
  • Apple trumped by a rich books offer, but has many illegal clauses in the Terms and agreements. test.de criticized also the privacy.
"test" (issue 10/2013)

The supposed winner of the test: buecher.de and eBook.de

The first-placed "buecher.de and eBook.de" received only a "Satisfactory" (score of 2.7):
  • Both Stores offered in the Test, only a mediocre selection of books.
  • In dealing with user data disappointed even all ten of the tested portals. In the case of each provider, the user data can be used for advertising purposes or disclosed to third parties.
  • The eBook App "buecher.de" was classified in terms of "privacy" as "critical".
  • A positive conclusion of the Tester on the other hand, the payment options of both providers (including Paypal, purchase on account and direct debit).
Test winner: b├╝cher.de / ebook.de

Amazon and Apple fail test

With around 40 percent market share Amazon is the market leader in the area of eBooks. Despite the wide range of dealer submitted it for the Online-only just for a "Satisfactory" (grade of 3.5). The Reasons:
  • The Terms and conditions of Amazon and Apple are gross violations of the provision in German law.
  • Also the copy protection of the Amazon is informed reader inadequate, criticism of the Foundation. Apple is seen by experts even as the final light in terms of "Information". When shopping and use of e-books Amazon was able to convince, however, with its many reading samples.
  • Apple offers a similar selection as a competitor Amazon, the eBooks are, however, only on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to read and not compatible. The eBooks of other providers you can very well on the iDevice open, as is our practice tip is explained in more detail.
The Kindle from Amazon

eBook Stores in the Stiftung Warentest-Check: The verdict

  • The Amazon Kindle store offers the largest books selection, but has weaknesses in terms of business. Without this devaluation, Amazon would be the clear winner.
  • The space 1 of the eBook-Checks - "buecher.de offers" a better synchronization between individual devices, while competitor "eBook.de" without the disclosure of unnecessary user data.
  • All the portals have, in the Test there are great deficiencies in the handling of user data.
  • In the case of Amazon and Apple, the eBooks are not compatible: Here it helps to pay attention when buying an eBook Reader on the supporting formats.
  • The full review you can here in the paid download.
Check: winners and losers

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