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Ebay classifieds: What is it?

  • Jul 11, 2020
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Everyone knows about eBay, but what is classifieds and eBay? You can give up on the one hand, to Display, on the other hand, everything is possible in your area or in the whole of Germany to buy. In short: There is nothing that you can't find here. The offer is extremely broad: services, computer classes, real estate, cars, bikes, clothes, Pets, Tickets and even training, to name just a few areas.

On eBay classifieds, you will find almost everything

In contrast to eBay is eBay classifieds is completely free. Both the Abandon of the Display, as well as the purchase are free of any charges. A selection of the categories you can find in the picture and in the following Text. All of the topics you will find here.
  • One of the largest categories with the most Ads in the category clothing. From the unworn suit up for Second-hand baby clothes and more.
  • But also services and even training courses are taught here. No matter whether Paper or a pest control - Who here did not make a find, probably incorrectly searched.
  • Extremely interesting is give the category of "to, to swap, to give away". Do you want to be as quickly as possible, something that is simply wrong, for which there are hardly any buyers and the goods is almost something of value? You give it away or search for free items in your area.
Cutting of topics

What is important to note classifieds on eBay

  • EBay classifieds offers no buyer protection through eBay, because the service merely brings buyer and seller together, but nothing on the purchase earned. In order to protect yourself from fraudsters, you should meet personally with the buyer or the seller, and on-the-spot goods and money transferred.
  • In our practical tip we show how you fraud on eBay prevent.