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Firefox: Google Maps is black - what to do?

  • Aug 13, 2020
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With Google Maps you can explore in the Browser, cities and countries. But what to do if the service is in Firefox black? Possible solutions Troubleshooting you will find in this practical tip.

Google Maps under Firefox suddenly black – the you can do

To resolve this error, you need to disable two features in the Firefox Browser:
  1. Open Firefox and click at the top right of the three dashes.
  2. You go into the "settings".
  3. Quite right you find the "Advanced" section. Navigate to it and then select the "General"Tab.
  4. Remove under "Browsing" check "use Hardware acceleration when available" and apply the Changes with "OK".
  5. Now you need to switch in the address line of the browser. Insert "about:config" and confirm that you will be careful. Then type "webgl.disabled" in the Filter.
  6. After this setting has been found, double click on it and change it to "true". You will then need to restart the Browser.
Firefox: Google Maps is black
This practical tip is based on Firefox 35 under Windows 7. For safety, you should your Adobe Flash Player to keep up to date.