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Amazon: Music: The 10 best tips and Tricks

  • Aug 10, 2020
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Amazon Music offers not only an extensive selection of music, but also many additional functions. Tips and Tricks for the optimum listening pleasure we give you in this practical tip.

Tips & Tricks: 1. Amazon Music with Prime Music Unlimited, test

Amazon Music is a Prime membership included. In the case of interest, you do not have to be equal to a Premium customer. There are also test options, the unlimited offer only once.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited offers over 50 million Songs including the latest Chart Hits.
  • Amazon, Music Unlimited you can also all the matches of the first and second football-Bundeslige listen.
  • With Amazon, Music Unlimited allows you to music even offline listening and with Alexa taxes.
  • To Amazon, Music Unlimited for a bargain price of 99 cents per month for four months to test, log in as usual with Amazon Music and click on the advertising banner. Or you can use the CHIP Shopping Deal.
  • After months of Advertising costs, Amazon, Music Unlimited is € 7.99 per month for Prime customers, and otherwise 9,99 Euro per month.
  • More to the prices in our Amazon Music cost overview.
Tips & Tricks: Amazon Music with Prime Music Unlimited, test (image: Screenshot)

2. Amazon Music gets to know you

The huge Song selection at Amazon Music can kill a fast. But Amazon Music is in the location, your music preferences and, in the future, appropriate music to propose:
  • Click in the left navigation bar, "radio transmitter". Now you will be presented with first of all the most popular channels of Amazon.
  • Scroll through here until you find an appealing station. Here you select the songs that you hear high-like with a thumb and down to acknowledge the other songs with a thumb. Amazon remembers your selection and will propose in the future a similar music for you.
  • Your favorite songs, you should also add a pressure on the [+] button to your personal music collection.
  • Unfortunately, the recommendations seem only to artists whose primary Genre and use any of the Content-Based Algorithms developed in this Millennium.
Thumbs up to Amazon Music (image: Screenshot)

3. Amazon Music Radio Station

Now that Amazon Music has a little bit to know, is it appropriate to radio stations and Playlists:
  • Click in the left bar, click "recommendations".
  • Amazon Music suggests to you now, Playlists, albums, individual Songs, and other radio stations.
  • Click through this selection and you acknowledge each recommendation with a thumbs up or down.
Amazon Music Recommendations (Image: Screenshot)

4. Self-initiative in Amazon Music

Maybe the radio station and Playlists from the Amazon Music you have inspired to search for individual Songs, artists or albums:
  • You give the top of the search word Search bar, such as artist, Album or song title. Genres are useful because you may find a Sampler with this Genre.
  • As a results you will be presented with artist, Songs and albums.
  • You can always click on "view All", if you want to see the full list of results.
  • Add your desired songs by pressing [+] to your personal music collection.
Search results in Amazon Music (image: Screenshot)

5. Playlists on Amazon Music, create

At the end not just with a wild thrown library to look perfect, create you on to Amazon Music with Prime Music Playlists for all of life:
  • Click next to each Song you want to add to a Playlist [⋮].
  • Then select "add To Playlist".
  • Now you can enter a new Playlist name, or add the Song to an existing Playlist.
  • Play lists can fit, for example, to certain moods, such as cheerful, Situation, Party, or Genres, such as punk rock.
Playlists on Amazon Music (image: Screenshot)

6. Amazon Music on the Ball

Some of the artists, Songs and albums can only be found on Amazon, Music Unlimited, or not even there. But:
  • The music library from Amazon is steadily growing. Music, which was not three months ago is still available, today, perhaps as early as a Stream.
  • Also, perhaps, offers from Amazon, Music Unlimited land in the course of time in a regular Amazon Music.
  • You stay on the Ball and search again and again to your favorite songs. the Amazon has not yet in their offer.
Unlinited-offer on Amazon Music (image: Screenshot)

7. Variety at Amazon Music

To listen to the same Songs in the same order, you can on Amazon Music for a change:
  • Click the top right of the Player to the icon with intersecting arrows to activate the Shuffle Runktion and to listen to their Playlist in an alternative order.
  • You hear a few Songs from the style you would like to have more. After a few seconds, specific recommendations appear at the right side.
  • These are based on the listening behavior of other Users. This Community approach is the most primitive Form of Collaborative Filtering and is similar to the " buy " recommendations at Amazon.
Shuffle, and Community at Amazon Music (image: Screenshot)

8. Automatic Updates on Amazon Music

So you don't have to constantly make independently in search of new music for your collection, you can use the Amazon Music done by:
  • Are you looking for a Playlist whose music appeals to you.
  • Click here to [⋮] and select "Playlist to follow". As of now, this Playlist is located in your navigation bar, and updates itself.
  • Only the control over the Playlist, you need to leave, of course, Amazon Music.
Playlist on Amazon Music follow (image: Screenshot)

9. Amazon Music Debug

A horror Amazon Music is that the music disappears once in a while:
  • Music from your music collection, it is sometimes deleted at some point without comment.
  • An affected Song in your Playlist, it stops, unfortunately, in the middle during playback.
  • This error occurs frequently, scroll through your music and delete the Songs.
  • To do this, click in the left bar under "My music" to "Songs", select all the greyed out songs and click finally on "Delete".
  • It has caught your favorite song, locate the Song in the search box. Many of the Songs are to be found in exactly the same Version twice and three times at Amazon.
  • Alternatively, you can buy it by clicking on it.
  • Maybe disappear this Bug also only if you it to the Amazon customer service to report.
Bugs in Amazon Music (image: Screenshot)

10. Downloads in Amazon Music

At Amazon Music, you can download Songs also:
  • All the MP3 files that you have purchased on Amazon are automatically stored in your music collection.
  • You can find this by click on Purchased on the left-hand navigation bar, under "My music" to "". Here you can mark all or individual Songs and to download.
  • Music recording also works with any Song from Amazon Music. Our practical tip will explain to you exactly how this works.
Amazon Music Downloads (Image: Screenshot)
You can use the Amazon Music App for Windows , or on your iPhone, you will no longer need your Browser to listen to music.