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Diplomatic status: This is the meaning of the name

  • Aug 13, 2020
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Whether or not Boris Becker, now has a diplomatic status in the Central African Republic or not, we can't explain you clearly. But what is the diplomatic status means and why it is not in the case of Boris Becker, clearly, we will explain in this article.

There is the diplomatic status

Diplomats have special privileges, have special protection and enjoy special freedoms.
  • The concept of diplomatic status is known to everyone in the political or legal context, but no place to go. A correct term would be instead of the "diplomatic immunity".
  • As a Diplomat, dealing mainly with good relations to other countries to build and maintain. The Diplomat is usually over a longer period of time in the host country. In order to protect these diplomats in front of the arbitrariness of the state, will receive the special diplomatic immunity.
  • This immunity applies not only to the diplomats, but also for his household, his family members, and, if available, to its staff.
  • The privilege does not mean that you can get away with it as a Diplomat go unpunished with criminal offences. In such a case, this can be from the host country to "persona non grata" declared an "undesirable Person", and asked to leave the country immediately.
  • Diplomatic immunity protects the diplomats are not even in the country which he represents. That is, if this is sent because of a Crime as a "persona non grata" back, threatening him in the home country of legal consequences.
The means of diplomatic status (image: Pixabay)

The benefits of the diplomatic status

  • The Diplomat in the receiving state "shall be inviolable", he is protected from governmental actions completely. This means that an arrest or arrest is illegal. In addition, both of his private apartment as well as his correspondence and his property is protected from any search or seizure.
  • Further, neither the Diplomat nor his family can be brought before the court. He doesn't have to witness before a court. Important: This immunity can be waived by the home country.
  • Any income or expenses of the diplomat or his family are tax exempt. This also applies to customs, for both business as well as personal items.
In the next article we will explain why the diplomats-Trick by Boris Becker never could work.