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OpenELEC or RaspBMC – what is better?

  • Jan 06, 2020
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The Raspberry Pi is often used as a media Center. Whether OpenELEC or RaspBMC is suitable for this purpose as the Software better, you will learn in this practical tip.

Kodi – formerly XBMC menu

Installation: OpenELEC vs RaspBMC

At the beginning of the Installation of OpenELEC or RaspBMC is. Which Installation is easier and faster, you will learn the following.
  • RaspBMC: RaspBMC has it's own Installer. Hereby, the operating system is fast to the SD card. Subsequently, the card must be inserted in the Pi, and the Installation ends. The whole installation process takes around 45 minutes.
  • OpenELEC: The Installation of OpenELEC and it only takes about 10 minutes or less. During the Installation, you will need to complete a few more steps than in the case of the Installation of RaspBMC.

Speed at the Start: OpenELEC vs RaspBMC

If you want to watch a movie or a series that is to elapse from the Start of the device up to play as little as possible time.
  • RaspBMC: Raspberry Pi with RaspBMC takes about a Minute to boot up. This is mainly due to the fact that RaspBMC includes a full DEBIAN operating system.
  • OpenELEC: With OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi requires only about 30 seconds to boot up.
  • Tip: The Raspberry Pi requires very little power. To the Pi not constantly, or shut down to start, you can leave it permanently switched on.

Performance: OpenELEC vs RaspBMC

Lag when selecting or playing back a movie are annoying. Which one is the higher speed, we will show you below.
  • After both operating systems are booted, there is no difference in terms of Performance is noticeable. The menu runs smoothly, plays back movies in OpenELEC and RaspBMC liquid.

Scope of function: OpenELEC vs RaspBMC

If you want to extend your media center to offer both systems in different ways.
  • RaspBMC: As RaspBMC is based on a full-fledged DEBIAN system, here you have the most opportunities. You can install all the DEBIAN packages – for example, a Bittorrent Client or a file server – easy. Also all the Add-ons from Kodi is available to you.
  • OpenELEC: OpenELEC is only focused on the operation as a Mediacenter. So you can only install Add-ons that come with Kodi,.

Conclusion: OpenELEC vs RaspBMC - who what Software is suitable?

If you want to operate your Raspberry Pi as a pure media center, is recommended for the Distribution of OpenELEC. Once you place more value on independence and a flexible, expandable System, you can not get around RaspBMC.
In the next practice tip, you will learn how to make your Raspberry Pi in operation.