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HTC One: Display - the note

  • Feb 08, 2020
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A broken Display on your HTC One, you can switch, and thus the service life of your smartphone extend. No matter whether the damage was caused by a fall or other carelessness, the consequences can be a black screen, pixel error or cracked or cracked display glass. We will show you how to make your Display change and what else there is to consider.

Broken Diaplay of the HTC One - these are the options you have

Most of the damage on the Display of the HTC One cannot be repaired since the individual components such as Touchscreen and sensors are firmly bonded to each other. Therefore, most of the time the entire Display unit of the One changed.
  • The Display should work in spite of jumps and cracks, you can apply a protective foil on the Display, and the phone on first use. So, the survival can range of your smartphone in General, to significantly extend the. Maybe you will for the future, for this reason, a suitable protective case for your Smartphone. So many cases go better.
  • In the case of Online repair with Original Display Share prices move between 150 Euro and 200 Euro. You can have your damaged Smartphone but also to a repair Service bring. There you can pick up your phone usually within a few hours and the cost is significantly lower.
  • Of course, you can replace the Display unit itself. You should have here, but over time, skill and the right tools. Otherwise, we do not recommend this Option. In this Tutorial on YouTube you can see the do-it-yourself Display changes to look at.
  • Buying a new smartphone is of course another Option. An expensive repair on an old cell phone to be profitable-often barely. Therefore, the acquisition of a new unit is definitely worth Considering. All manufacturers regularly bring new models to the market. Old previous models with, nevertheless, good reviews can of course also represent a cost-effective Alternative.
The Display will change to the HTC One
The repair services by the Smartphone manufacturer from Stiftung Warentest examined. We present the results in our next article.