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Destiny: Ethereal light, and farms - tips and Tricks

  • Aug 10, 2020
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In Destiny you are in need of essential light, the legendary weapon and armor upgrade after the expansion "house of wolves" high. We show you where to find the essential light and farms.

Destiny: Here's the essential light

  • A sure method to gain access to essential light, are victories in the prison of the Old. Each week you will have the opportunity to get on the steps 34 and 35 of the essential light as a reward.
  • You also come by wins in the trials of Osiris in ethereal light. In the premiums, the levels of silver (6 wins) and Gold (8 wins), this included.
  • You can also get it as a random Drop at the twilight of the strike. You should not hope too much, because the probability is extremely high.
  • The last opportunity to obtain the essential light, is to participate in the iron banner. On the ranks 3 and 5, the patron of the tournament sells essential light.
Essential light in Destiny

Essential light in Destiny farms

Essential light is not so in the world of Destiny farms. This raw material you get solely as a reward for participation in the above activities.
How you in Destiny in the Endgame levels, that we will show on the next page.