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DotA 2: MMR the Matchmaking Rating works

  • Sep 25, 2020
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Are you looking for a game in DotA 2, the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) that you find worthy opponents and teammates. We explain in this practical tip, as the Matchmaking Rating in DotA 2 works, and how your MMR tactical can increase.

MMR in DotA 2: So the calibration works

When you login for the first Time in your DotA 2 Account and start at Level 1. This is a Prestige-Level will be increased by the number of played games. When you have reached Level 20, you can search for a ranked game. The first 10 games of the MMR-calibration – after the 10. Match you receive your classification:
  1. Effectively, you start your first game with a MMR. This is based, firstly, what is the Status you specify when you Start DotA 2. You can select to never have a game similar to DotA 2, played, ranks, the Matchmaking Rating is very low. The MMR is not at this time but are still visible.
  2. You can now play some games, increasing your Prestige Level. At the same time, your MMR will change depending on whether you win or lose, up or down. This does not apply to the normal games MMR is visible here, the Matchmaking works as well, and later ranked games.
  3. You have reached Level 20, you can search for ranked games. You already have to this time not a visible MMR, resulting from their previous games.
  4. The first 10 games are now used in the calibration. DotA assesses various factors that result in your visible MMR: on the one Hand victories to ensure that you start with a high MMR. Also, the Matchmaking System matches how good they were in the first 10 ranked games, compared to their previous Matches.
  5. You have in the calibration better statistics – for example, a high Kills-Deaths-Assists Ratio (KDA), a lot of Gold per Minute (GPM) and experience per Minute (XPM) play – as in previous Games increases your MMR tremendously.
  6. For this reason, the MMR System, in a way, take advantage of – that's what happens with so-called Smurf Accounts. Here, players play deliberately in the first few Games only due to the good. Once you have reached Level 20 and your calibration phase begins, then enter your Best. Since the statistics of the calibration games to be much better than in previous Matches, you will receive according to this System, a (to) high MMR.

MMR in DotA 2: The number says

  • You start with an MMR of less than 1000, you belong to the worst players in the world. With our beginner-tips we help you, your Skills in DotA 2 to improve.
  • Your MMR is lower than 2000, you belong to the bad players.
  • A MMR of 2400 means that you are not as good as the average DotA 2 player.
  • From an MMR of 4000, you can be very proud of: they belong to the top 1% of the best players.
  • Professional players are usually in a Solo MMR of at least 6000. Since there are very few players that compete in this field are professional players far: Miracle - was for a long time, the player with the highest MMR. At the same time, he has cracked as the first player, the 9000 mark. Sing sing, however, has tournaments currently have a Solo MMR of around 7000 and measures still regularly and successfully with Miracle - in eSports. The Profiles of other DotA 2 pros you'll find in our next article.
MMR in DotA 2 profile

DotA 2: tips for MMR climb

You want to improve your Solo MMR, you need to work on their attitude and become aware of what are the factors that affect your MMR:
  • In each Team of 5 players. Are you one of the 5 players from your Team. You assume that they are better than the rest of the 9 players would have to win your Team a higher probability. You are actually better, you will win, for example, 3 out of 5 Games and your MMR will increase over the long term.
  • The Same is true for communication: never Play with the attitude that you "have bad luck" with your fellow players. In your Team of 4 players, whose behavior you can influence are on the enemy Team of 5 such players. You have good manners and refrain from insulting your Team, increases the probability for a win as well.
  • In addition, the choice of your hero affects the MMR. Play in 5 out of 10 Play Omniknight and win with this hero every game, your actual MMR is lower than your Omniknight-MMR. Specifically, this means: you Would only play Omniknight, would increase your MMR. At the same time, but that also means that you should not overestimate with other heroes – maybe their MMR is for other specific hero very much lower than their current classification.
Is DotA 2 not so much, or did the MMR System of the fun of the game, we can provide you with DotA in comparison to League of legends before. Maybe LoL fits better to you?