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Grinding stones: This grain size is the right one

  • Jul 07, 2020
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Grinding stones are practical AIDS for the always-sharp knife at home. However, there are the utensils in different grain sizes. What is the right grit for what purpose, you will learn in this kitchen tip device.

Grinding stones with a coarse grain

Do you want your very blunt Blade re-sharpening, they attack the best to a grinding stone with a coarse grain.

  • Under this heading the kitchen appliances the grinding stones with a 150 up to 800 grit. These grinding devices are designed to work especially a pre-grinding with the following fine.
  • The blade of your knife is damaged, a small piece broken, you can repair with a coarse grain size of the error.
  • By the way: Almost all of the grinding stones you should only use in wet condition. You should go to this place for about five to ten minutes prior to use.

Sharpening stones with medium grit

The knife is not very dull, but just needs a re-grinding, suitable for grinding stones with a medium grit.

  • Refers to grain sizes between 800 and 1000. With these grits, and some kitchen appliances have to sharpen your knife in between.
  • They also serve the rework, if you have edited your knife with a coarse grit. The grinding with this grit size is sufficient for your kitchen knife to keep the cut sharp.
  • Here, too, the following applies: soak the stone for five to ten minutes before use in water, so that he can get as far as possible with water.

Grinding stones with very fine grit

Very sharp your knife is, if you loop it with a very fine grit.

  • Such, also polishing stones, grinding stones, have a very fine grain size. It is higher than in 2000. According to the above this strength will go up in the low five-digit range to the 10000.
  • The use of natural quarry stone and come often. The most well-known grinding stone in this category is the "Belgian blocks".
  • Belgian Brocken is characterized by extreme hardness and roundness of the abrasive grains.
  • A distinction is made here, the traditional yellow "Belgian whetstone" and the even higher quality, the so-called "blue Wetsteen". The latter is characterized by a grain size of approximately 5,000 to 6,000. With such a grinding stone, your knife will be extremely sharp.
  • Chefs rely on this stone. Likewise, knife collectors and enthusiasts, as this stone is suitable for even the most high-quality Japanese knife.
  • Well-suited to the high quality sharpening stone blades particularly for a knife with Damask.
  • You want to Blades made of very hard steel to sharpen, such as for outdoor knives or fillet knife will be used is the yellow variant is the best choice.
  • Belgian blocks are special. These grinding stones will not need to be watered. It is enough if you wet the stones with water.
Grinding stones to keep your knife sharp
(Image: Nicole Hery-MoƟmann)

Your knives are really sharp, you can work better in your kitchen. In our next post we will show you how to do a pike properly filleting.