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Alternatives to road salt: These eco-friendly options you have

  • Aug 09, 2020
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In the Winter it is generally used in road salt against Frost, de-icing roads and walkways. But the salt has some disadvantages, which is why we show you in this article, Alternatives to road salt.

That's why salt is scattering harmful

Road salt is damaging, especially to the environment, it can enter the groundwater and so do considerable damage.

  • Penetrate the salts in the soil and thus into the ground water, increases the concentration of chloride and the limit value for drinking water is exceeded.
  • Trees and shrubs will be impacted by road salt. The salt enters the tissue of the Plant and disturbs the metabolism. In the following spring and summer months, the consequences in the Form of dehydration of the tissue are recognizable.
  • Cars also suffer from the consequences of road salt. The paint of the car can be rubbed off by the salt and the vehicle rusts easily. The underbody sheet metal is also attacked by road salt. Here it can come to SalzfraƟ.

Alternatives to road salt

Alternatives to road salt are not completely harmless and should therefore be used in moderation.

  • It is often not used no Abrasives. It is often enough already, properly of snow to shovel.
  • However, if the scattering medium are used, for example, grit or gravel is an Alternative. Here is especially important, that these substances no toxic substances such as arsenic, lead or mercury included.
  • Also, scattering sand or sawdust is suitable as a scattering agent. Here, however, as is the case with grit and gravel, the Material must be swept up afterwards together.
Grit is an Alternative to road salt.
(Image: Pixabay)