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Android: for Free watching TV with the Smartphone

  • Apr 11, 2021
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You want to have a look on the go with your Android Smartphone for free TV, then you have several options. In this practical tip we will tell you what they are.

Android: watch TV with the App, Nice TV

  • The free App Beautiful TV brings you more than 30 German TV channels on your Android Smartphone.
  • This includes stations, such as RTL, ProSieben or cable one count in private.
  • You will find on the left side of the App, a clear listing of the available channels.
  • On the right-hand side of the desired Stream then runs. However, you can switch to full screen mode.
  • Conclusion: this is a free Top-App with lots of channels - private channels are supported.
Android: TV with a Nice TV (Screenshot)

Android: on-the-Go watch TV thanks to the App Zattoo

  • The well-known Tool Zattoobrings TV now thanks to the official App on your Android Smartphone.
  • Here you can receive many German channels such as ARD, ZDF, Sport1, DMAX, iMusic, 3sat, arte, BR, or YouTube free.
  • Unfortunately, the programs can only be received when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Who wants to click advertising through the channel, requires a Premium Account. Some private channels like Pro 7 and RTL can only be with a Premium access to receive. After the trial month, you pay € 9.99.
  • On the right side of the App, you will find a list of programs, the Stream is shown in the center.
  • Conclusion: Good App, only unfortunately with a few channels.
Android: TV with Zattoo (Screenshot)

Libraries: for Free watching TV with the Smartphone

  • Media libraries are on the one hand interesting, because you can catch up on missed shows, and on the other hand, since they are available free of charge.
  • In the case of the public broadcasters, you can almost all of the shipments view and even stream live - for example, in the case of ARD and ZDF.
  • For the private stations here TVnow to. There you can watch broadcasts of RTL, Pro7 or RTL2.
  • TVnow is basically free to use, however, with a lot of advertising. If you like the deal, you have to to the Premium package to access. It costs € 4.99 per month.
  • Conclusion: The libraries are especially well-suited to missed shows to catch up on. However, not all channels are in one place together, what makes the switch, like on TV, it's impossible.
On the Smartphone free-of-charge libraries viewing
Screenshot Author

Alternatively, we have in the next practice tip, the opportunities for DVB-T2 with Android for you.