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Windows 10: creating a Screenshot - so it works

  • Oct 23, 2020
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If you want to make Windows 10 a Screenshot, will help you the right button combination or a Tool. In this practical tip we show you all variants.

How do you make the Screenshot? This is the correct key combination

To take a Screenshot you can create in Windows 10 easily and quickly. Depending on whether you want to select the entire screen, the current window or just an area, there are the following Shortcuts:

  • Key combination for a screen shot: [Windows] + [print].
  • The Windows button on the Windows icon.
  • The Screenshot will automatically be saved in the PNG Format under "c:\users\xyz\pictures\screenshots".
  • Open an image editing program such as Paintto the Screenshot to edit.
  • For some devices, you must use the following key combinations: [Fn] + Windows-key + [print].
  • Press the key combination [Ctrl] + [print screen] to save the current window into the clipboard, or in other MS Office programs use.
  • You just press the [print] button, you can capture a specific area. The desired image section, you can select by Dragging the cross.
By Pulling the cross you can select a specific area for the Screenshot.

Snipping Tool: Without key combination a Screenshot

If you don't want to create Screenshots with key combinations, there are still other options.

  • The well-known "Snipping Tool Plus" also works in Windows 10.
  • Download the Free Tool and unzip the Zip-file.
  • You click on the containing the.EXE file.
  • In the Tool itself, you then choose whether you Schreenshot a full screen, a free neck or a rechtigen neck want to create.
  • In connection you can save the Screenshot on the Save Icon on your hard disk.
Windows 10: Snipping Tool

Browser Add-Ons: Screenshots without Paint

You want to capture an entire page and not just the area on your screen, which you can see at the moment, is an Add-On for your Browser a good Alternative.

  • Depending on what Browser you use, there are the following Add-Ons:
  • For Google Chrome: Awesome Screenshot, FireShot
  • For Mozilla Firefox: Aweseome Screenshot Plus, FireShot
  • Installation of the Add-Ons is simple: Depending on what Browser you are using, you need to press only the "Add"Button.
  • Then you find the appropriate Tool in the top right of your bar. Click on the Add-On and select what area you want to capture.
  • These Tools have the advantage that you can makes a picture of your screen, on the content, such as your search bar, and your open Tabs are not visible
  • There is a new Tab in your Screenshot will open. Alternatively, you can also use any other image editing program, once you have saved your screen shot on your device.
  • These extensions are easy to remove, and uninstall. How to do this, you will see in the following Video.

Microsoft Snip: a New Tool for Screenshots

Also Microsoft itself has its own Screenshot Tool for Windows.

  • Download "Microsoft Snip" to download and install it.
  • In the program interface, select "Capture". Now you can click with the crosshair any window or hold down your mouse button to create a section of the screen.
  • The image lands automatically in the clipboard and can be also stored on the hard disk or shared online.
Microsoft Snip it for Windows 10

Read in the next practice tip on how you in Windows 10 change the language. Should you individual help for Windows 10 and Screenshots to create a need, then they turn to the experts in the CHIP Forum.