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Sky Go playback on Fire TV Stick - how to

  • Oct 24, 2020
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Sky Go is running officially only on a few devices. A small detour you can stream Sky Go on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. We will show you step by step how to do this.

Notes: Sky Go on Fire TV Stick can cause problems with the

  • Note: Since the Firmware Fire OS 5, Sky Go no longer works on the Fire TV Stick. The manual retains its validity for the Fire TV 1 & 2. A path is found, we will update the instructions for the Fire TV Stick.
  • In the following instructions, the usual Android will be installed App of Sky Go on the Fire TV. Since the App is not optimized for the device, it can cause problems.
  • Among other things, problems with the Fire TV Stick are known. Also, the Live TV may cause the App to error. A hazard do not expose your device however.
  • Unfortunately, the following instructions only with the help of an Android Smartphone or Tablet is not feasible. The Android device you need only for the Installation of Sky Go, the later operation works without the device.
  • The App to use, you need an Android App like Remote Mouse for Fire TV or a USB mouse. The App allows you to transmitted over the Link directly to your Smartphone and Fire TV, a mouse can connect via a USB cable directly to the TV. For iOS users, unfortunately there is no suitable App.
Sky Go on the Fire TV Stick

Instructions: Sky Go on the Amazon Fire TV look

  1. You need to go to the Fire TV in the bottom left of the "settings" and select under "System" in the "developer options". Turn on the Option "ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources".
  2. Now install the free ES File Explorer on the device. You open, for example, the Link and install on your Fire TV. You can find the application in the "Apps" on your Fire TV. Alternatively, you can load the App directly on the Fire TV.
  3. Start the App and choose the top left, under "favorites" and "Add". Use as a path "http://aftvhacks.de/dl" and as the Name "aftvhacks". Confirm with "Add", find the entry "aftvhacks" at the bottom left in the menu.
  4. You can navigate here to the bottom, to the category of "Sky Go APK for Fire TV". Here you select the "Sky Go 1.5.2", click after the Download to "open file" and then click "Install". To "Install" and "Finish" to complete the Installation of the App.
  5. Download now the including to find the end of the script (display density) down, press the Download, however the Back button on the remote control. Scroll up, select the "SManager" and install the application such as the Sky Go App. Finally confirm but not "Done", but with "Open".
  6. Click "OK" and you are looking for here in the SManager folder "Download". Here you will find the file "display-density-280.sh". Top left, click on the "Start" Button, it will load the script, and the Fire TV is restarted.
  7. Then, you will find Sky Go in the area of "Apps". Here you can start the application and via the menu, log in to their Account. Note that using Sky Go only on a maximum of 3 devices, register can.
Amazon Fire TV: Sky Go install
In the next practical tip we show you how to Sky Go offline use.