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DVB-T2 HD channels: you have to note

  • Aug 15, 2020
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31. May 2016 will be the first broadcasting of DVB-T2 in Germany. We will show you what you need to know about the new HD channels, and what to look for when buying new devices.

DVB-T2 channels in HD: What's new?

  • From the 31. May be sent to six stations in some German cities over DVB-T2. Until the beginning of 2017, the reception is to be extended across the Board in this country. By 2019, all channels should have changed in the whole of Germany on DVB-T2, enabling DVB-T is switched off completely.
  • The difference between DVB-T and DVB-T2 is in the image quality. The new Standard is now broadcasting in HD. In addition, the slots on DVB-T2 are not more limited. Some of the private stations cannot be received in some regions of Germany, via the antenna, DVB-T2 also provides a remedy here.
  • DVB-T2, however, also has its disadvantages. In the test phase, the First, ZDF, RTL, ProSieben, Sat send.1 and VOX for free. The regular operation is running, only the public broadcasters will stay free. The private channels require a monthly fee, which will probably be about five euros.
DVB-T2 HD receiver - what to consider?

DVB-T2: Important info to the HD channels

  • In order to receive DVB-T2, you need either a TV with a built-in DVB-T2 module, or an external DVB-T2 Receiver. Such devices are for 2016 is available, the prices for receivers start at about 40 euros.
  • Also DVB-T2 Sticks for Laptops or Smartphones are planned. Note that you can receive with a DVB-T2 devices, also DVB-T. Older devices do not support the new Standard.
  • Currently is offered the purchase of receivers or new TVs with DVB-T2, however, caution. Not all devices can handle the needed encryption for the private channels. The prices for external Receiver will decrease rather than rise, which is why the Wait is quite worth.
In the next practical tip we will show you, where exactly is the difference between DVB-T and DVB-T2 is.