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Avira searchfree Toolbar - why is it needed?

  • Aug 10, 2020
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With the Avira searchfree Toolbar, you can expand the free Avira AntiVirus to Webguard, which is actually only available in the paid Version. What the service can and whether it makes sense to you, you will learn in this practical tip.

What is Avira searchfree Toolbar is?

  • The Avira searchfree Toolbar is an Add-On for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. The extensions will protect you from the dangers of the Internet. To do this, malicious web sites and Downloads belong to.
  • The Toolbar has a search function, which you only on the web pages are redirected, which were classified by Avira as safe. So your Anti-virus must not distribute combat program dangers in the first place, because they lead to sites with Adware, Spyware, or Phishing Software.
  • The Toolbar is not a Must. The Browser Add-On has its advantages - particularly for people that are not familiar so good with the Internet, or while Browsing unsafe feel.
Avira Search Free Toolbar

The advantages of the Avira searchfree Toolbar

  • The Toolbar protects you even before the call of a dangerous side in front of their content. Avira knows that on this website, Malware is blocked, the access automatically, and the page is not even loaded.
  • Also in social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter, the Toolbar always has an eye on the Links contained. They are to be examined and in case of danger to you reported.
  • A useful Feature of the protection before the Start of automatic Downloads. You should be taken once on a dubious website, you have completed the Download of Malware in a matter of seconds before you can cancel. Here, the Tool is extremely helpful.
  • Also block Cookies to record your browsing behavior from the Toolbar. Thus, your privacy is protected.

Negative aspects of the Avira searchfree Toolbar

  • Toolbars have for many users not a good Image. Many connect it with useless Add-Ons, which are inadvertently installed. In spite of the helpful functions of the Toolbar takes up a little space and interferes with many users visually when Browsing.
  • You can use the search within the Toolbar, you will be presented with only highly secure search results. This is a search on the website Ask.com. The counterpart to Google, has much less features that shows you more advertising, and requires a slightly larger conversion, you should have previously used only Google. Also Ask.com for many users a bad Image.
  • Many users of the Toolbar also has a built-in Pop-up Blocker, which would extend protection to a further useful function. However, this is not provided, unfortunately.
How to use the Avira Serchfree Toolbar install, we will explain in this practical tip.


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