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Photoshop: smooth skin - here's how

  • Sep 22, 2020
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One of the most common uses of Photoshop is the retouching of the Portrait. To this it is also, of course, to smooth the skin. How you accomplish this Trick with the graphics program, we tell you in this practical tip.

Skin, Photoshop smooth skin remove impurities

Before you smoothen the skin of your on a photo, you should remove skin impurities.
  • First of all, select the "spot healing brush" in the tool bar.
  • With the brush you can remove blemishes and pimples easily. "Paint" you with just the appropriate Places.
  • In a separate practice tip, we have more ways to Remove skin blemishes in Photoshop for you.
Skin in Photoshop smoothing

Skin in Photoshop smoothing: blur

An absolute classic in the face retouching, the use of Soft focus is.
  • Duplicate the layer that contains your image. Click on the duplicated layer with the right mouse button and select "convert to smart object".
  • Now add on "Filter" > "blur filter" - > "Gaussian blur" Filter. How strong you must set the Radius for the blur depends on your image and taste. Try around a little.
  • Below the level of a so-called smart filter is now. Click on this and select in the properties the Button "Invert".
  • Now you can paint with a soft white brush on the image. The brighter a point is, the more it will blur. For this reason, it is also recommended to paint first with a shade of gray.
  • Finally, you can reduce the opacity of the duplicate layer. Thus, both levels are mixed and the blur looks more natural.
Photoshop: smooth skin
In the next Paraxistipp we show you how to create a face with Photoshop narrow.