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Powerpoint vs. Prezi: A comparison

  • Aug 08, 2020
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We have compared for you the programs "Powerpoint" and "Prezi" in a comparison. If you plan in some time a presentation, helps you with this practice tip in choosing the right presentation program.

Powerpoint and Prezi compared

You have numerous options, your content and information to an audience using programs closer to. Especially the Presentation software "Powerpoint" and "Prezi" in the course of time in the school, in the study, as well as in a number of Professions established. However, what distinguishes these two Software Tools and what you have to offer?
  • Powerpoint: The now traditional Microsoft program "Powerpoint" dominates, with around 500 million users, the market for any of the Software in connection with technical presentations. The application has been made mainly due to its linear plot structure with slides and countless templates for virtually every need a name. After you have installed the program on your Computer and start you can start immediately.
  • Prezi: "Prezi" offers a new way of dealing with visual AIDS and is the first purchase since 2009 for sale. The Tool is a web-based application. You edit and present your concepts online. For this purpose a virtual and an almost infinitely large sheet of paper on the Basis of Flash technology available, on the you wear content. The individual contents have no fixed order, so you can arrange the information as desired.

Powerpoint, features of presentation software

  • Unlike "Prezi" is "Powerpoint" on your hard drive, and has a lot of storage space. You can always access your documents.
  • After you have downloaded the Software and installed, create and edit in "Powerpoint" presentations without an Internet connection.
  • The presentation program of Microsoft provides you in the menu of many options. You can customize text, graphics, tables, templates, animations, and accompanying notes, create and edit their own. This versatility beginners, however, usually fatal, because it takes some time until you have found yourself in the presentation environment.
  • As already mentioned, in "Powerpoint" is a fixed structure. You represent your content with slides and one of them particular order. Although you can arrange your information as desired, nevertheless, you present your slides to a linear pattern.
  • The Software makes it possible for you to link to other Microsoft applications, to create Links to pages and documents, and to connect several "Powerpoint"presentations. You can do this but only if you have collected some experiences with the program.
  • You pay for the application a one-time price, so no additional costs are incurred. Due to the high range of the product, you can download many free templates for your presentations from the Internet.
  • With "Powerpoint", you can plan larger lectures, without the presentation looks messy, as you divide your content on the slides. A table of contents gives a rough Overview.
Options with "Powerpoint"

Prezi - The characteristics of the web-based presentation program

  • "Prezi" is a web-based program and can generally only with an active Internet connection to be operated. After you have installed the application, you need an active connection to be able to make Changes to your presentation. If you want larger files, such as images or Sounds on the insert, is a fast Internet connection is highly advisable.
  • The Tool is at first glance quite clear and simple. As a beginner you will find due to the limited options quickly. However, this is also a big disadvantage of the application. You don't have the game, so much room to maneuver as in the case of "Powerpoint" and have to make a lot of content outside of the program, and paste. Some of them are not able to change fonts and colors.
  • Perhaps the biggest advantage of the "Prezi" is the fact that the program is non-linear and thus numerous possibilities in the presentation of leaves. However, you can set up a fixed pattern, if you like this type of presentation appears to be unusual.
  • The strength of the Software lies in addition in the creativity and flexibility. During the presentation, you can access the content, or zoom out, and single blocks of text creative include. In General, you can glide continuously on the virtual sheet of paper back and forth, and an individual order is superior.
  • For "Prezi" you can pay after a 30-day trial version of monthly fees, so you can continue to use the program. Otherwise, the System will inform you the "Public"license, in which they in their actions are restricted. Depending on the licence, vary the monthly cost. The Online is enough for them to access the Software costs, the subscription 4,92 dollars per month. With Offline access, you have to pay 13,25 dollars a month.
  • Unfortunately, the application is still quite unknown and unlikely to spread. Therefore, the number of templates that you can download in the Internet is severely limited. In case of problems please contact the Support.
  • "Prezi" is in no way intended for larger and more comprehensive presentations. Even if the surface appears at first glance to be huge, the presentation to a plurality of text blocks is cluttered and confusing. You need to associate your content is, therefore, useful and short.
Template for "Prezi"presentation

Powerpoint or Prezi

If you tend to "Powerpoint" or "Prezi", you have to decide individually. The two presentation programs are different Tools, which are suitable depending on the topic, target group and presentation of the target not equal to strong.
  • "Powerpoint" is especially suitable for classic-serious topics, with linear processes as well. In addition, the application-oriented, extremely adaptable, and presentation.
  • Prezi: If you rely on creative topics with an individual presentation and in your presentation in a flexible want to stay, is a "Prezi" with the right presentation program for you.
If you have a presentation without a Powerpoint or "Prezi" to create want to, you should take a look in this practice tip throw.


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