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Poster via PowerPoint create - is that possible?

  • Jan 09, 2020
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With Powerpoint, you can easily create a Poster and save yourself expensive Layout Software. The most important steps we show you in this article.

1. Poster-size

Thus, when printing any images or text move due to an incorrect scaling, set to beginning, it is already the correct blade size:
  • Open the tab "design" and click on the menu "page setup"
  • Enter "width" and "height" are the dimensions of your poster: A4 measures 210mm x 297mm, A3 297mm x 420mm, A2 420mm x 594mm. The size of the table for DIN A formats you will find here.
  • Note that you need to add for a border-free printing at a professional print shop and a crop of millimeters to each side.
Post-pressure: parts of the image
In a further practical tip we will show how to create a organisation chart with Powerpoint to create. You have a Poster printed, we will show you how to get the picture just hang it up.