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Mac: Shortcuts for Word - the Top 10

  • Oct 22, 2019
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In this practical tip we can provide you with the Top 10 Shortcuts for Word on the Mac.

Top 10: Shortcuts to Word on Mac

With the following key combinations, you have full control in Word for Mac.
  • You want to search for a word in the document, just press [Apple] + [F].
  • To print the document, press [Apple] + [P].
  • Your document can be saved with the command [Apple] + [S].
  • If you want to save your document to a different location or under a new name, press [Apple] +[Shift] + [S].
  • You can write in bold by pressing [Apple] + [B].
  • For italic font you use [Apple] + [I] to select.
  • Words can also be underlined. To do this, press the key combination [Apple] + [U].
  • If you want to decrease your font by one point, press [Apple] + [5].
  • Zoom in works with the combination [Apple] + [6].
  • A paragraph can also be in lowercase. To do this, press [Shift] + [F3].
Shortcuts for Word on the Mac
This practical tip is based on Office 2011 on Mac OS. General keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X we have for you in the next practice tip summarized.


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