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Safari is extremely slow: help

  • Aug 13, 2020
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If the Safari Browser is extremely slow, it can create small Tricks already remedy. Learn here what you can do to make the Browser run faster again.

Extremely slow Safari: So you make the Browser fit

A little Trick makes the Safari Browser faster are:
  1. Close the Browser first.
  2. Open the Finder and click "Go" and then click "Go to folder...".
  3. Enter in the input field the path to "~/Library/Preferences" and click on "Open".
  4. Here locate and then delete the file "com.apple.Safari.plist". This contains all the settings of the browser and can be deleted without concern.
  5. You now start your Browser again. You may need to make some settings again. The Browser runs again quickly.
Safari is extremely slow - what to do?

Another solution: Slow, Safari is a faster make

  1. You first go into the "system settings".
  2. Open the settings of "network" and select the network that you currently use.
  3. Click here then click "more options" and then "DNS".
  4. To add a new entry, click on the "+" in the left corner.
  5. Add the entry "". This is a DNS entry for Google.
  6. Save the process with "OK" and then restart the Browser.
Extremely slow Safari: help
For more tips on how to make Safari Browser faster make can, we can tell you in the next tip.


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