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Play chess on the Mac - The 3 best programs

  • Jan 04, 2020
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Chess you can play not only in real life with your friends, but also on the Mac against players from all over the world. The Apple System even has its own chess-program. Two additional fun Games you will find in the Mac App Store for Download.

Mac-internal chess program

  • Already pre-installed, you can find on your Mac is a good chess program.
  • To do this, go to the Finder and in the "programs" and open "chess".
  • Graphics: The App has a nice 3D graphic interface. You can change the "settings" of the style of the chessboard and the figures.
  • Special Feature: The chess App even has a voice recognition. This allows you to talk to your chess moves.
Mac Program: Chess

Night Chess Online Fantasy chess on your Mac

  • A fun "Fantasy"-chess you get on a Mac with "Night Chess Online".
  • You go to the AppStore and type in the top right of the "Night Chess Online". Then click on the "Download"Button. There is a Lite Version which is free of charge.
  • Graphics: The graphical implementation stands out mainly due to the different cemetery figurines and eye-catching fantasy characters.
  • Special Feature: A special incentive in this game, Onine-Best lists is to climb it.
Fantasy: Night Chess Online

Chess Online + - Classic Look-and-feel

  • Chess Online + ties his players through different modes and Bonus rewards.
  • You can find the chess App in the AppStore. Enter the top right in the search box, "chess Online+". Then click on the "Download"Button.
  • Graphics: The chess game features a classic 2D surface.
  • Special Feature: The Community behind this chess-game is huge. The game is also compatible with your iPhone.
Chess Online +: Classic Look
You will learn in the next tip , the five best games for the Mac to know.