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Mac OS X: PDF-reduce file

  • Sep 12, 2019
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You want to reduce on your Mac large PDF files for certain uses, you can use a special feature of the program "preview". How it works, you will learn in this practical tip.

A PDF file smaller on Mac OS X with on-Board tools

To be able to PDF files on Mac OS X out, you will not need any additional software. The built-in preview application can do this:
  1. You can open the desired PDF document with the program "preview". For example, clicking in the Finder with a right click on the file. From the context menu, select the Option "Open with" and "preview.app".
  2. Now click in the program "preview" on "file" and "Export".
  3. Then, give the file a new name, otherwise the original file will be overwritten in the destination directory.
  4. Select in the bottom pane from the drop-down Box "Quartz Filter" the Option "Reduce File Size" and finally click on the Button [Save.]
PDF Mac OS X reduce
As you Mac OS X multiple PDF files to a document, summarize, read here.