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Aperture for Mac: best Alternatives

  • Oct 14, 2019
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Apple Aperture is one of the best image Manager for Mac OS. The best Alternatives to we show you in this practical tip.

Aperture-Alternative: Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

Adobe's solution is the image Manager Lightroom and editing program Photoshop.
  • Professional tools like the Radial Filter, or area of correction help to improve your photos.
  • Should also these tools are not enough, Photoshop is directly in the image Manager Lightroom embedded and you can view the images in Photoshop. edit.
  • Lightroom automatically evaluates geoinfo information and can sort the images afterwards, to which place they were taken.
Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Aperture-Alternative: Corel AfterShot

A further Aperture Alternative is the program AfterShot Corel.
  • The RAW processing works in AfterShot noticeably faster than all other programs.
  • Images can be output in batches. This will save you time, if you want to save multiple images in different sizes or give.
  • AfterShot allows for automatic adjustments and save the Changes so that you can always access the original image.
The Alternative of Corel

Aperture-Alternative: iPhoto

Apple's iPhoto is the little brother of Aperture and for 15 euros cheaper.
  • iPhoto and Aperture are working with the same database of images on your Mac. So you can edit your Aperture images in iPhoto, and Vice versa.
  • iPhoto works as an Apple program, with Photostream and iCloud.
  • You can spread from your iPhoto library directly in the social networks of your images or as E-Mail.
  • Practically, the possibility of your images is also directly prints and order albums.
Also from Apple: iPhoto
More image editing and management programs we provide in the next practical tip before.