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Pokemon Go: These are the Items you get when you Pokestop

  • Oct 23, 2020
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When Pokestop you can obtain in "Pokemon Go" different Items that you can use in different ways. We will show you in this practice tip, what Items you Pokestop can rake.

Pokemon GO: These are the Items you will find in PokeStops

In the Pokestops you get different Items, which may also differ from Level to Level. We will show you which Items are known so far:
  • Pokebälle: The most Pokebälle, especially for wild Pokemon can catch are widely used. You stand from the start. Rarely, there is also the Superball (Level 12) for unusual Pokemon, and the Hyper ball (Level 20) for rare Pokemon.
  • Potions: The potion you don't get as often as the Pokeball. Especially after Level 5, you can count on this. Rarely will you find the super potion (Level 10), or the Hyper potion (Level 15), which produce more power points on your Pokemons back. In addition, there are, in rare cases, the Top-up potion (Level 25), which fills all of the KP of your Pokemon.
  • Reviver: This Item is a lost Fight is very important and from Level 5 in the Pokestop available. With the Top-Reviver (Level 30), it is very rare in the PokeStop, you can charge all of the KP of the respective Pokemon.
  • Eggs: In the Pokestop you will always find eggs that you can hatch, then the Egg-hatching machine. Level 10 fortune eggs, the double your EP for half an hour continue to appear.
  • Smoke: at Level 7, the Chance to find smoke Items in the PokeStop is. So that you can attract for 30 minutes of wild Pokemon.
  • Berries: The Himmihbeere is at Level 8 in the PokéStop available. Especially Pokemon with high WP-values and therefore easier to catch. Since the Update to the second Generation, the Sananabeere and the Nanabbeere in "pokemon Go" are available. The Sananabeere doubled the candies at the Start, the Nanabbeere ensures that the Pokémon's moves when you Catch slower.
  • The development of stones: With the Update you also get different evolution stones at the PokéStop. So there is now dragon skin to Develop Seemon in Seedraking. In addition, there is the King stone to transform Quaputzi in Quaxo and Slowpoke in Laschoking. With the sun stone you can evolve gloom releases a foul fragrance in Blubella or sun core in Sundays flora and Metallmantal Onix to Steelix and scyther's to Scherox. With Upgrade, you can turn Porygon to Porygon2.
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Pokemon Go: Items in Pokestop
What is the abbreviation WP in "Pokemon Go" , you will find out in a further practical tip.