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Yandex vs. Chrome: What are the differences?

  • Aug 12, 2020
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The Browser Yandex, and Google Chrome to show a variety of similarities, yet also some important differences.

Yandex vs. Chrome: Related, but not identical

  • Yandex and Chrome are both based on the Open-Source Chromium project. For this reason, both browsers are very similar.
  • Only minor adjustments, and other arrangements are to be found. Significant differences are not found in the final versions of currently to.
  • The Yandex Browser is a new Alpha Version available. This is currently still in development and therefore may not be stable. In the following, we compare Chrome with the Yandex Alpha.

Yandex Alpha and Chrome: The visible differences

The Yandex Alpha is still based on Chromium, at first glance, the Browser looks completely different: a new, intuitive, maybe the way of the future and the beginning of a little getting used to.
  • Optics: The start screen shows how in Chrome additional Search bar, as well as the most visited pages, as large tiles. Very nice is the dynamic mountain landscape in the Background.
  • Tabs: In almost every Browser, the Tabs are located at the top of the window. In Yandex, the Tabs are centered on the taskbar is placed. You open a new Tab, not get you how in to Chrome to a blank page, but to the substantial start-up screen.
  • Design: The Yandex Alpha from uses like no other the Browser full-screen. The Browser acts mainly on the start screen completely borderless and tidy. It is only when you open a web page, at the top of a very narrow bar is visible. In full-screen mode, the Scroll bar remains, even the task bar disappears.
Yandex in full-screen mode

Yandex vs. Chrome: differences under the hood

  • Translation: Currently, the Yandex Browser is not in English, but only available in English. For this reason, Yandex would like to translate each and every website. With the time the offer is quite annoying, fortunately it can, however, turn it off.
  • Extensions: Already known from the normal Yandex-Version of the already installed extensions. Among other things you will find here a Turbo mode, a Screenshot Tool, as well as a cinema feature for Videos.
  • Tip: if you Are further down a web page, you no longer have to scroll forever to the top. By clicking on the Tab is automatically scrolled to the top.
Tools, Yandex
In the next practical tip we show you how to get the Browser data in Yandex delete.