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Which network uses DeutschlandSIM? Network coverage and quality

  • Aug 12, 2020
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Which mobile phone network DeutschlandSIM uses, and how the quality and network coverage for the provider to fail, we clarify in this practical tip.

DeutschlandSIM: These mobile radio networks, the provider uses

The Tariff provider DeutschlandSIM has no own network, but the network uses coverage from O2 and Vodafone. At the conclusion of the contract, you can specify in the rule, which of the two networks you want to use. In some Rates, the better Vodafone network but costs a lot more:
  • Users of the flat rate "DeutschlandSIM Smart 50" have to pay for the Vodafone network, currently 2 euros more per month.
  • When the contract is "Smart 100" it will be 3 Euro at the "Smart 250" 7 Euro extra charge per month.
  • The big contract "DeutschlandSIM Smart 1000" is currently only available in the O2 network. The same applies for all contracts with LTE.
  • In the case of the "DeutschlandSIM Flat S" and "Flat M" you can use also by default, the O2-network. For 3 Euro more per month you will get but the D-network quality of Vodafone.
DeutschlandSIM: power in Check
Quality of DeutschlandSIM
With DeutschlandSIM you can your network determine: read on the next page, as also their mobile phone number to get.