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Vignettes and tolls buy tickets online - here's how

  • Aug 12, 2020
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Vignettes and toll cards, you can buy both online prior to travel, as well as on-the-spot at the gas station. The Online purchase saves you a lot of Stress. We show you where and how you toll cards and vignettes get.

Vignettes and toll order tickets online at the ADAC

Vignettes and toll cards for Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and other countries you can order online at the ADAC. You order the product in time: The delivery can take some time.
  1. Visit the vignettes and toll cards-Shop of the ADAC.
  2. Select the desired product for your destination and trip duration.
  3. If required, enter the date of travel and click on the Button "add to cart" (see image).
  4. Then click on the "checkout" Button and "next step".
  5. You have no Account in ADAC, you must first register. Alternatively, you can order as a guest.
  6. Select in the next step one of the payment methods: you can pay via PayPal or by credit card. Select a payment method and follow the instructions.
  7. The process is completed, you will receive a confirmation for your purchase. You do not need to print it out, since you you will also receive an E-Mail.
  8. After three to seven days, the Vignette, or toll card should arrive with you. Vignettes must be from the Inside on the windshield glued. 10 - or 30-day vignette must be punched in some of the cases on the spot. You can get specific information, together with the delivered product.
Vignette online at the ADAC buy