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Proxy-lock-bypass - is this legal?

  • Oct 18, 2020
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American TV shows you could watch for free on the Internet - if it weren't because of Lock Proxy. Is it legal to circumvent this? We will tell you whether or not you can watch the series on fox.com, Hulu.com and co., with a clear Conscience.

Proxy lock bypass: how it works

The principle of Proxy-Lock is actually quite simple:
  • US channels such as FOX have the rights to the Videos only for the American market. Therefore, Proxy blocking, Block Internet users from other countries access to the Film.
  • If you try on one of the Clips to access, your IP address and access denied.
  • Bypass the lock by returning to first a American Server, and then, under his American IP address, surfing, and the corresponding Video can be selected.
  • This works with many anonymizing programs - for example, the free Tools "goal" and "ProxMate".
Proxy lock on FOX-Videos

Streaming is legal

  • While the Stream is classified by series and Videos of many lawyers as legal, is the Download of such Videos illegal.
  • The right to private copy is no longer working when Downloading - also the opinion of the media-rights lawyer Christian Solmecke. When Streaming, the Video is not deleted automatically from the temporary folder, when you Download of course.
  • But the way the Proxy is allowed to Lock?

Proxy-lock-bypass - is this legal?

  • In the German copyright act (UrhG), there is the article 95a "protection of technological measures". The States in the first section:
  • "Effective technical measures for the protection of a [...] protected work [may] not be circumvented".
  • The prevailing view among lawyers is, however, that the protection of a Proxy lock is not effective With different Tools, the lock is a deal after all, children easily.
  • The Proxy shall Terminate after the current state of knowledge, be legally bypassed state so.
  • However, a breach of the General terms and conditions (GTC) may be an American website. In which it is said namely always that you need to be on American territory.
  • Consequences by the terms and conditions-fracture, however, are not to be expected. In the worst case, the sites could be blocking the operator their IP address. However, this is not different from real American users.
Proxy-lock at Hulu
Alternative Video platforms, which is definitely legal, we will provide you here before.


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