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Free birthday cards design yourself

  • Jul 01, 2020
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Birthday cards you can not only buy ready at the Store, but also online design. Where and how to do this, we will show you in this practical tip.

Free birthday cards in German Post

A very large selection of greeting cards for various occasions can be found on the Website of the German Post:
  1. In the category of "birthday" are about 1000 cards templates available. To facilitate the selection, you can assign them to different categories.
  2. You have found a card that you like, click it once. Now you can front and inside view enlarged. If you want to stay in the choice, click "choose This card".
  3. The next step is to determine the size of the map. Here you can see how expensive the card is at the end.
  4. In the following steps, you can add small decorations, and the card label. Confirm each Time with "next step" when you are satisfied with the result.
  5. In the following steps, you select whether you want to register for the Service (the card is cheaper), as well as the shipping address and the delivery date.
  6. At the end click on "order and pay". Then choose one of three payment methods are PayPal, debit or credit card. Enter your data and confirm again. Then the card is ordered.
Birthday cards design at Deutsche Post
Of course, you can make other things online. Examples are coffee cups, CD Covers or iPhone cases.