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Download YouTube Videos Legal or not?

  • Aug 13, 2020
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Software to Download Youtube Videos, there are as the Sand of the sea. But many are wondering whether this is even legal. We make it clear to you.

Download Youtube Videos - a legal grey zone?

  • All clear: no need to be afraid to be because of the Downloads of YouTube Videos legally prosecuted.
  • Private copy By downloading a Video from YouTube, create a "Private copy". These private copies are legally allowed to seen when they are downloaded from a legal source. In the case of YouTube, it is such a legal source, since each user voluntarily his Videos up there.
  • Grey area: a Lot of musicians can upload their music usually on YouTube. Then a private copy is allowed. Should not even be a music video of a Person uploaded, which owns the rights to it, make with the Download, however, is not a punishable offence. As a user, you can assume that YouTube is a doubt, offering of free legal content and illegal clears. Thus, you are on the safe side here: Download such a piece of music down, is the hypothetical debt at YouTube and not at them.
  • YouTube Terms and conditions: the General terms and conditions of YouTube is that the Download of Videos is not desired, or not allowed. You are not logged in to YouTube, you have not agreed to the terms and conditions but also the course. As a logged in user you is says Download legally by the terms and conditions below.
  • Nevertheless, you do not have to Worry. No authority in the world would make the effort to hunt Downloader of YouTube Videos. Since the Videos are available for free, for YouTube, there is no financial damage.
  • Recently it has hit the website youtube-mp3.org . In order to escape a multi-million dollar lawsuit of the music industry, have taken the operators of the website voluntarily by the network. Youtube-MP3.org advertised, however, also explicitly, music download videos. Other YouTube Downloader are legally on the safe side.

Difference Download it from YouTube and sites like cinema.to

  • While you are at the Download from YouTube-Clips legally on the safe side, make the use of sites such as the cinema.to or movie2k.to a criminal offence.
  • Unlike Youtube, the content uploaded here illegally - you can't go out in the latest movies or TV shows that these are offered with the consent of the right holder.
  • In the case of the closure of the cinema.to by the police, were secured by the IP addresses of numerous users of the page. Including not only the Uploader, but also ordinary spectators found themselves. In theory, all of these would can be prosecuted.
  • Let, therefore, the Download movies, the source of which you can identify as illegal. In this practice tip we also have three legal Alternatives to services such as the cinema.to before.
How you music track of YouTube Clips of ribs, is here explained. With a practice tip featured Tool "Orbit Downloader", you can also download Videos from YouTube.