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Crowdfunding project launch - the best tips

  • May 18, 2020
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You want to start your own Crowdfunding project, you need to make it known. We have summarized the best tips for you and show you how you can implement your ideas successfully into practice.

Crowdfunding-actions launch platforms for your project

In the case of Crowdfunding you will get from many people in foreign capital, which you can use for your projects. The capital provided is tied to the intended purpose. First of all, we introduce you to some of the Crowdfunding platforms.
  • Start next: The platform for entrepreneurs, artists, Creatives and inventors. To start a project, do not need to register, although start-up fees but. Later transaction fees of 4 percent for you but. The be calculated for a successful project-financing, and then of their income deducted. You can also pay a voluntary Fee to start next.
  • Vision bakery: vision bakery focuses on art and culture, other projects are still accepted. The project is also at vision bakery for free. Fees, when you have reached your financial goal. Prior to the start of the project, 10 percent Commission, and 1.9 percent for PayPal transactions to your Finance to be added in destination. After successful completion, the provider will deduct these fees.
  • Kickstarter: The biggest and best-known Crowdfunding platform is Kickstarter. The provider is seated in Germany. For that, you can here almost everything Finance and already from the start a large audience.
  • In addition to these two platform, you will find on the Internet many more. On the website of the "Crowdfunding.de" you can, by all the available platforms, browse. The provider requested for each project, a Commission of 5 per cent, where it has been successfully funded.
Crowdfunding - new media use

Crowdfunding projects start - the most important steps before you Start

Before you start your project with a platform, you need to consider a few things.
  • Target group: make sure before the start of the project for a mass-market of people who want to convince you of your Crowdfunding project. For example, create Facebook pages, send out E-Mails and increase your Fan-Base on Twitter or other social networks.
  • Experience seek: A Crowdfunding project is time-intensive. Learn about the different types of Crowdfunding and consult with other Crowdfunders to their experiences. Be aware that the Answer of Mails, phone calls, and requests of potential buyers will take a lot of time.
  • Slowly and evenly: make sure that you give in the first two weeks, all of their trump cards out of your Hand, the flow of visitors is less rather than more. It is worth over a number of weeks with Information and entry to endure. This allows you to generate a much larger prospective area. You tell to your families and friends about the idea and spread the word about your project then in Associations, social networks or the local press.

The Crowdfunding project is successful, the Start manage -

You have made all the preparations, the time has come to start your project. You should note some things:
  • Registration: For a Crowdfunding project, you must log on to a Crowdfunding platform. Here, you can set your target amount and the end date. Choose both Wisely: not reached the target amount, get back all the money donors your investment.
  • Attention: Excite them through interesting and engaging events to Public attention. You can organize some charitable events where you get no money for your project, but a lot of attention and potential buyers. You can advertise also through engaging texts in all media.
  • Preliminary work to exploit: do not Launch your Crowdfunding project, if it is only a loose collection of ideas. You can use the gained attention and show first results of your project, or even a possible sample of the product. Who is known and a Plan is easier to achieve his goals than the Unorganized, and Unknown.
  • Example: Nobody wants to be in new and uncertain things of the First, especially not when it comes to money or capital. You invest, therefore, as the first money in your project, and help other people get started.
  • Rewards: a Plan for rewards for their supporters. These can also serve as an incentive for participation in your project. Make sure you have enough layers of financial return to be able to premiums or similar to spend.
Are you in search of a good Crowdfunding project, you can get already successful products, ideas. In another article we have, therefore, 10 ingenious Kickstarter projects are summarized below.