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Cost of Amazon Prime

  • Oct 23, 2020
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Amazon Prime is practically fast shipping, Free eBooks, and more. But how high are the costs for Amazon's Premium Service? In this article, we have taken all of the cost of the Prime package for you together.

What is Amazon Prime cost?

A trial membership lasts for a month and is free for you. Then you have to pay 69 euros per year. For students the contribution is 34 euros a year. The benefits of Amazon Prime for you and your family are:
  • The premium shipping is free.
  • The Express shipping , you pay five euros per article.
  • The Kindle-library for E-Books you can use for free.
  • In Amazon Cloud Drive will get you unlimited storage for your photos.
  • Customers in Germany and Austria will receive free access to Amazon Prime Instant Video.
  • Recently attracted Amazon with a premium access to Amazon BuyVIP: you and your registered family members will receive 9 hours prior to the start of sales, access to special Offers from Amazon BuyVIP.
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Amazon Prime
A limitation, there are nevertheless Some Goods are of the Prime benefits excluded. Including article...
  • ... a special delivery service need, because of their size or nature calls.
  • ... offered by sellers in the Marketplace, and shipped, and not with Prime are marked.
  • ... without youth release, which must be delivered.
  • ... with a special status, such as orders of a savings or magazine subscriptions and personalized gift cards.
  • ... which are not marked with the Prime Logo on the product page.

What is Amazon Prime Now costs?

With Prime Now, you get your favorite products delivered quickly.
  • Prime Now, you can only use with an active Amazon Prime subscription. In addition, this is offered mainly in Berlin and Munich.
  • To enter the beginning of the order, a zip code, which is to be delivered. This is not part of the delivery area, so you can't see the range.
  • Are you ready, as a customer, delivery costs to pay, so you no longer need to Amazon Prime Now the minimum order value. Furthermore, free deliveries, however, are possible. In this case, the minimum order is 40 Euro. A one-hour delivery costs 7.99 Euro per delivery.

At the end of the Prime membership

Your Prime membership is the end of a 12-month period, or immediately terminated. How to do this, we will show you in the linked practice tip. Fair Amazon: you Should have the benefits in the current year, not used, and even get a credit for the entire annual contribution.